Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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Crystal and her Papa, Copyright 2007

"Both Touched by Cancer"

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Arabella’s Bath Time Mess

By, “Aunt” Crystal S. Kauffman

Arabella had a really long day at the dance recital, where she practiced a new ballet routine. She was excited about the new dance that she had learned and she could not wait to go home. Arabella came running through the door and her daddy was lounging in his favorite chair. She began showing him the new routine, which she has worked on really hard to learn today. 

Her proud daddy watched with joy in his heart as tears swelled up in his eyes. She spun around ever so gracefully, while her mom and dad cheered her on. Her routine was a little clumsy and she giggled with each misstep. Arabella has grown up so much, since she began her new dance classes.

She has begun learning to express herself through words, however she is almost four years old. Unfortunately, she is so hyperactive that her mom encourages her to focus on practicing her weekly dance routines. Her mother, Erin, decided to run a shallow bubble bath for Arabella who was gathering up her toys. 

She grabbed her favorite bath time toys which are: her dog, her cat, her turtle, and her dolphin. She quickly undressed and got into the tub and played with the soft pink bubbles. Arabella played with her toys, while her mom was making a phone call to check on one of her patients.. 

Arabella began making a mess with the water and throwing her toys out of the bath tub. She had used sign language to say “All Done”, but her mom didn’t notice the motion of her hands. So, she climbed out of the tub all soaking wet and ran straight to her bedroom. Arabella left a trail of bubbles and wet footprints all throughout the house.

She tried to dress herself, but she only got the dress over her head. She ran to her daddy, Chris, who dried her off and helped her get dressed. She grabbed the towel and began trying to help her mommy clean up the mess she made. Arabella was singing the “Clean up” song. 

She decided to sit on her daddy’s lap with her favorite blanket, while drinking water from her sippy cup. Her daddy said, “Thank you for helping mommy clean up your bath time mess.”

She smiled and snuggled up against her daddy and her eyes began closing for the night. Arabella had a busy day, but she will have a peaceful night       

Goodnight Arabella!

Copyrighted 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

This is Personal, Please Read and Prayer...Possibly Help?

To All My Friends,

I need my friends and prayer warriors to help me lift up my spiritual mentor aka “Preacherman” Rev. Danny Williams Sr. and his Wife “Mama” Michelle Williams in continuous prayer. Both Danny and Michelle were admitted to the hospital for serious medical issues and are both having appropriate test ran to find out the cause of their medical issues. Danny Williams is the Pastor of Peytona Southern Baptist Church in West Virginia.

I have known this man and his wife since I was a child and he attended the same church I did. He also worked with my momma in a steel mill and they were all really good friends. Thanks to the power of Facebook we reconnected, which led to many wonderful changes in my life. I am proud to call this man my spiritual mentor, but right now Danny and his wife need help in a big way with prayers for each of their health and a they need a financial miracle as well.

Due to Danny’s health, he cannot work until the doctor releases him and he is the only income the family has. So, if you can also pray for a financial miracle for this beautiful loving family that’s been together for 32 years now and this separation is hard on both of them. Mama Michelle is very sick with lung disease and has been on oxygen for ten years now. The family is in need of financial help with medications and food, as well is any past due bills that won’t wait.

I am asking everyone to pray for this couple, but I am also asking for anyone who may want to give a love offering of any amount, which will help this loving family during this health crisis that they are facing this morning and in the near future. You may contact Reverend Danny Williams Personally by Cell Phone or Email that is included at the bottom of this post. The church address is provided, if you would like to mail in a card and/or your love offering to the family.

Please consider helping this family as they have helped so many through the years like my family and I during my childhood. I am proud to call Danny my spiritual advisor, as he has helped me slay some pretty big demons in my own life. Even if you cannot help, please share this post and stop and say a pray or send healing energies to my closest friends.  

Thank in advance for any help you may offer and thank you for taking the time to read my plea during your busy day! Thank you also from Rev. Danny And his wife Michelle and their family

The Church’s Address:
Rev. Danny Williams Sr. (Love Offering)
Peytona Southern Baptist Church
168 Ferrell
 Julian, WV, 25529

To Make a Love Offering Directly to Rev. Danny Williams Sr.:
Danny’s Contact # (304) 941 4930
Email is #revdan90@yahoo.com

To Send a Love Offering via PayPal:

Michelle Williams: michellepzbiz@yahoo.com

Copyright 2019

Dancing With Silence No More...

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Did you mean to touch my heart this way?
Your silence speaks volumes to me every day.
Never did I believe it would go so wrong,
You and I are singing a different song.

So I ask myself every day why should I fall?
For someone who believes they know it all.
Why do I care about this dance the way I do,
When, I see that I don’t really matter to you.

Needing more than you are willing to give,
So, I will just continue to dream as I live.
I deserve a relationship that is real,
Not stolen moments that make feel.

Like a fool because I let you touch my soul,
Today, I am numb and this dance is old.
When you decide to just push me aside?
My care is washing away with the tide.

Every day, I spend the day and nights alone,
Not even communication by the phone.
So, with this poem I will say a special good night,
I hope you chose to always follow the light.

Copyright 2019

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fight for Animals Rights

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Hi, I am a freelance author, who is passionate about animals and their rights. As a proud pet parent, I would like to remind you that changing the future of animals starts with you. Join the fight by helping injured and abused in your own neighborhood. Look for opportunities to volunteer and save helpless animals that need someone who cares like you. Check with your city’s local pet shelters to see if you can help them by walking dogs, donating a bag of food, bringing blankets, and treats.

Furthermore, I also ask you to join our fight to save helpless animals from a life of cruelty. In order to win this fight, we need you to be vigilant and fight for the rights of all animals. For more information: please visit www.wildlifewarriors.com and www.peta.com. I hope you take time to learn more about wild animals and how they live in our local wooded areas.

Respect all animals and turn in abusers! If you see a dog or cat being abused, turn in the abuser to the police or to the local animal police. Change the world, by helping one animal at a time. Please only adopt from local rescues, instead of buying an animal at a local pet store. Remember, being a pet parent requires a commitment to raise the animal and ensure their health….no matter what!

Be a Proud Pet Parent and Think About Becoming a Foster Home!

Never Abandon A Pet!

Copyright 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thank You Beth Chapman!!!

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Last night, I learned that Beth Chapman lost her battle with cancer. My heart and prayers are with her family this morning, as I light a memorial candle for my own guiding light that is gone too soon. She was 51 years old and was a mother to 11 children and 14 loving grandchildren. My prayers are with her family as they mourn.

This beautiful, strong, brave woman inspired me for years. I would like to honor her by continuing to do what is right for me to reach my personal goals. I know she never met me in person, but I wish I could have had a chance to tell her and Duane “Dog” Chapman how they have impacted my life. She was the youngest woman to receive a Bailbonds license at 29. Even after having her own run in with the law, which is where she met Dog Chapman when she was 19.

I know she knows now, because God has told her all about the many people she touched and inspired. Like me, many have  changed their life and are trying to do what is right. I love you Beth Chapman and you will forever remain in my heart as you continue guiding me. Thank you for caring about us, even when we make huge mistakes. You knew everyone could redeem themselves…if they try! 

Rest In God's Peace!

Copyrighted 2019

PS: If You want to leave comments of condolences, please do. Tell me how she inspired you.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Different Song

By, Imogen Rayne

This time without you has made me sad, 
I cannot help but to wonder if I was bad. 
The consequences are to much to bear, 
Now, you are never able to be there.

Changes hurt when you become silent, 
My inner demons are angry and violent. 
Destroying my inner peace as they lead, 
Spreading the damage and a sour seed.

Never thought you would just go away, 
Honestly, I believed you in every way. 
My heart is in many pieces on the floor, 
What did I do to make you shut the door?

Do you hide me because of my past? 
Can you make a love that will truly last? 
Always making feel like I am doing wrong, 
Just because I am singing a different song.

Copyrighted 2019