Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Murder in Iran: Atefah Sahaaleh Story

Recently, I was astonished and saddened by the murder of Atefah Rajabi Sahaaleh. By all accounts, she was beautiful and intelligent...yet she had a troubled soul. She lived in the Muslim city of Neka, Iran, with her father. When Atefah was 5, her mother was killed in a car wreck, and soon she began acting out. She had made some bad choices, so she was considered a bad influence in the community. (Read more)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Importance of Teenager's Education

As a teenager, everyone has asked this question and wondered how their career can be better. In the future, most people want a car, home, and family. Each of these items would be difficult to afford, on a minimum wage salary. Many drop outs have earned minimum wage and live just above the poverty line. A high school diploma will bring the student (Read more)

Essay: Dreams and Goals

As a young girl, I always dreamed of writing for my city's local paper. Everyday, I told my friends that someday, they would see my name in the newspaper on the front page. They would generally laugh or make comments about my head being in the clouds. After hitting a hurdle in high school, I thought I would never be a columnist or journalist. However, I returned to high school and began pursuing my dream of writing for young children or teenagers. Now, I am earning an Associate Degree in Business Arts. After graduation, I plan to....(Read more)

Poem For My Grandma

From the day we met, so long ago,

You've helped and watched me grow.

From a stubborn little girl, who knew it all,

To a dumb teen, which took a fall.

Dealt with my pain to pride each day,

Until, I grew up and went away.

I quickly came back to return to you,

Always loving what you do.

Now, my best friend is sitting here,

Cherishing all that I hold dear.

A relationship that I can't forget,

Your love became my safety net.

She has always helped me, when I call,

My Grandma has endured it all.

By, Imogen Rayne