Saturday, August 30, 2008

Communication Builds Success

As a new business owner, communication with existing and potential customers is important to the businesses bottom line. Every customer is important and should be treated that way, because they keep a business running. Staying in contact will also help the owner develop friendships, which keep the customers coming back and the business growing. Thanks to new technology, many ways exists to keep in contact with a loyal customer or attract new ones...(Read more)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Freelance Author for Hire

Articles written by me under my pen name of Imogen Rayne, are available for purchase to use on your website or blog. The proceeds earned from the purchases will benefit the community I built and keep it growing. I will also consider writing articles or web content for you, so please contact me if you are interested. Rights to all articles will be retained by me. I also ask that you list my pen name in the byline of your article. Thank you for helping me make a difference, by using the talent that God gave me.

I have over 400+ articles to choose from on diverse topics. I also have many poems to choose from on various topics.

Online Portfolio: http:/
Community Website:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Traveling with a Toddler

Image Courtesy of David Niblack

Family vacation spots can be fun for older children, but most toddlers are too young to enjoy the vacations. Even more important, some families can't afford to spend their money on an expensive vacation spot. Here are many inexpensive solutions to this problem, which you can have fun with your small child. Every toddler loves to visit the zoo, beach, and museum for interactive fun. Most toddlers truly are satisfied with...(Read more)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tips on Building a Professional Portfolio

Are you a new freelance copywriter, who is looking for ways to promote your unique talent and skills to potential clients? If so, you may want to build a portfolio, which will help you showcase your talent to others. A professional portfolio online or offline can help you land freelance work, by advertising your experience and skill. However, be sure that you build a portfolio that catches...(Read more)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jacksonville's Cancer Survivor Park

This is a wonderful picture of the Cancer Survivor's park here in Jacksonville, Florida. This picture doesn't show the parks entire features, but these bridges are small replicas of the many bridges that exist in Jacksonville, Fla. Fortunately, the local cancer survivor's, who have passed their five year anniversary. They can have their name added to the park's memorial wall. I am hoping to have my name added to the wall, since I am a six years survivor.

I will let everyone know the outcome of my request. If you are in the Jacksonville area, stop by and check it out this amazing park, which is dedicated to those who have survived the touch of this devastating disease. One day when they find a cure, we will be able to add many more names to this wall! God bless each family on this wall. May they be honored for their personal journey and courage.

Respectfully Yours,

Crystal Kauffman

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jacksonville's Struggle with Crime

Everyone in Jacksonville, Florida is concerned about the level of violent crime that is consuming his or her community. Some state officials and respected religious leaders want to make a change. They believe that special programs can help the community combat crime and remove drug dealers. Many psychologists believe the best way to handle the city's problem, is to examine why the violence is happening.

There are many reasons that will cause someone to become violent or willing to commit murder. For instance, he or she could be greedy or angry with the person they have attacked. Currently, religious leaders are sponsoring community programs that give out cash and jobs for guns. Now, many want to give out an education voucher instead, since a diploma can change his or her life.

Frightening Facts

According to the Florida Times-Union (2006), the Federal Bureau of Investigations recently named Jacksonville, as the Murder Capitol of Florida. The Sheriff's Homicide Detectives have been overwhelmed and overworked, due to the rise in violent crime. In 2006, during the first six months of the year, the homicide rate had already risen to "81" (COJ, 2007). Recently, the state officials decided to turn to the public for help in solving these crimes.

"There won't be a Blueprint for Prosperity if we're the murder capitol of the world, because no business will come into this city."(Mayor Peyton, 2006)

State officials have been combining their resources, in a team effort to reduce the violence plaguing the city. The daily level of violence has infiltrated local schools and their neighborhoods. Last year, several young children died inside their own home, due to stray bullets. Now, the city official's are bringing attention to Jacksonville's "Save our Streets" program.

Getting Involved

Most public officials are getting involved and looking for ways to involve the local residents. These public programs will help local families change their future, while taking guns off the street permanently. Currently, state officials and religious leaders are working together to change the communities. Since, the city needs people to will stand up and fight for the city, which they call their home.

"Public Safety involves partnership. I invite you to partner with your men and women in blue uniforms. When citizens and police officers know and trust one another, they become unified in their approach to crime" (Sheriff John Rutherford, 2006).

This program will take a lot of sacrifice and hard work from every single resident and local official. Every community must stand united and fight for their right to be safe in their own home. Honestly, the police will never be able to stop the violence, which is consuming various communities. In addition, many local residents are afraid of helping the police, due to the fear of retaliation.


According to Rushing (2006), Florida's Governor Jeb Bush believes that the FBI statistics can be misleading. The city's Mayor believes the economy will suffer, due to the loss of new businesses andresidents. However, the city's officials agree that mentoring and education is the key to making Jacksonville safe again. Furthermore, some officials think that his office is not doing enough to help combat crime.

The city is urging all local citizens, to stand up and stop tolerating the violence in their neighborhood. Nevertheless, many leaders and officials are arguing that education is the key to stopping this growing epidemic. These public programs will help take guns off the street permanently, while changing the River City's future. Therefore, Jacksonville's struggle with violence can finally end.


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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let's Make a Difference Now~!

As a published freelance author, I have decided to donated all of my monthly earnings from Associated Content and Helium, in order to support our community financially.

However, my monthly earnings are based on the amount of page views I receive for each article I have written. Therefore, I need your help to keep the community alive and growing. If you would like to help, please take time to click on the links above and check out my various articles or poems.

In addition, feel free to share them with friends and family. All money earned from visiting these two websites will allow me to pay for the communities monthly expenses.

Thank you for helping me make difference right now! Donations can also be made by contacting me for information. Every special gift will be used to keep this community alive and growing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Buttons

Show off your own breast cancer awareness button. It is small and simple, but will help show your support for raising awareness now. This disease affect thousands of women and men every year, so let's be proactive with our own family. Each button is sold in a 5 pack, so you can pass them out to friend as a simple reminder to get their annual check ups.

They are a beautiful reminder that one day will will truly be free of cancer's touch. However, until then lets stay proactive and teach everyone how to spot changes is his or her body. A simple lump or unexplained pain is a way that your body communicates with you. Listen when it speaks for it may save your life!

Information about our cause:

The Laugh at Cancer Support Community focuses on celebrating life and living beyond cancer day at a time. Show off your support for our community and it's mission. We are stronger together fighting against this devastating disease.

About our Gift Shop:

All proceeds from the gift shop will be used to keep the community alive and partner with a program, which will allow sliding scale cancer treatments patients that are underprivileged. No one deserves to die, just because they are poor! Help me make difference now!

Thank you for visiting and your support!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The role of international markets in the currency wars: Euro vs. Dollar

Why Foreign Currency exchange so important to each country, yet the types of currency they use is so different? It is important because each country can "convert the currency", into the same currency that their country accepts as "legal tender" (Ball, McCulloch, Frantz,Geringer, & Minor, 2004). Additionally, tourist can exchange their countries currency and receive the type of money they will need on their trip. What is the Foreign exchange and how is able to serve so many countries at once?...(read more)

History of Legal Punishments

Many nations and cultures have made official laws to protect their citizens from crime. Over the years, these laws have been in force, in order to keep their society from becoming anarchy. Different forms of punishments have been used to deter would-be criminals. However, some citizens still tend to break the laws. These days, all countries have a justice system and a prison for...(read more)

Viola Luzzio: The Unknown Martyr

If you look in a history book, you will never find the name Viola Liuzzo who is a martyr for civil rights. However, in 1965, she became an unknown martyr in the hearts of many civil rights activists. She was shot by self-proclaimed KKK members in Selma, Mississippi, during a civil rights march on March 25, 1965. Now, there a memorial on the spot that she died, yet no one mentions her name in the history books. According to Mr. Simkin (1997), she was 36 year old mother of five kids, who wanted to...-(Read more)

PS (Photo's courteous of Unitarian Universalist Historical Society (UUHS) 1999-2008)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tips for New International Managers

As new international manager, you will be stepping into an entirely new
country with different customs and laws. Once you accept the new
position, you need to begin learning all you can about the country and
the people you will be serving. Additionally, it is vital to know what
to expect, once you are in your new management position. Long before
boarding the plane, you should... (read more)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Planning a Budget-Friendly Sailing Trip

Do you want to go sailing, but you are living on a tight budget? Are you dreaming of a relaxing vacation, spent on the water? Here are some ideas to help you find ways to hit the high seas, without emptying the pocketbook. Start by visiting your local marina and find out how much (read more)

Interview with Me

Check out this interview about me and the online community that I found for those touched by cancer. This interview was written by Irene Lynn and I am thankful for her hard work. (To read the interview)

P.S. Correction to website and email listing in interview. I apologize for not catching this before it was published:

Laugh at Cancer Support Community

Community Home:

Poetry: Love does not die

This poem is about a love that doesn't die, no matter what comes along. I hope you enjoy it and never let your love die. Love is too precious to lose!

Here is except of the poem...

Hands of time change my fate,
Patience and love is all it takes.
You are the sunlight in my soul,
When everything else seems so cold.(read more)

Poetry: Soul Mates

This is a poem that I wrote. It is about becoming soul mates with the one that you love. I hope that all my readers will find their one true love that makes them happy.

Here is an excerpt:

Set me free with a touch of your hand.

Kiss me, as we lie in the sand.

Together with you on the beach tonight,

Embrace my heart and hold it tight. (read more)