Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Buttons

Show off your own breast cancer awareness button. It is small and simple, but will help show your support for raising awareness now. This disease affect thousands of women and men every year, so let's be proactive with our own family. Each button is sold in a 5 pack, so you can pass them out to friend as a simple reminder to get their annual check ups.

They are a beautiful reminder that one day will will truly be free of cancer's touch. However, until then lets stay proactive and teach everyone how to spot changes is his or her body. A simple lump or unexplained pain is a way that your body communicates with you. Listen when it speaks for it may save your life!

Information about our cause:

The Laugh at Cancer Support Community focuses on celebrating life and living beyond cancer touch...one day at a time. Show off your support for our community and it's mission. We are stronger together fighting against this devastating disease.

About our Gift Shop:

All proceeds from the gift shop will be used to keep the community alive and partner with a program, which will allow sliding scale cancer treatments patients that are underprivileged. No one deserves to die, just because they are poor! Help me make difference now!

Thank you for visiting and your support!

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