Monday, August 11, 2008

Jacksonville's Cancer Survivor Park

This is a wonderful picture of the Cancer Survivor's park here in Jacksonville, Florida. This picture doesn't show the parks entire features, but these bridges are small replicas of the many bridges that exist in Jacksonville, Fla. Fortunately, the local cancer survivor's, who have passed their five year anniversary. They can have their name added to the park's memorial wall. I am hoping to have my name added to the wall, since I am a six years survivor.

I will let everyone know the outcome of my request. If you are in the Jacksonville area, stop by and check it out this amazing park, which is dedicated to those who have survived the touch of this devastating disease. One day when they find a cure, we will be able to add many more names to this wall! God bless each family on this wall. May they be honored for their personal journey and courage.

Respectfully Yours,

Crystal Kauffman

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