Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update on Sydney

Saturday- Last night just became a big nightmare. Sydney had possible platelet reaction, we really are not sure what happened. Her temp climbed to 103.0 she was inconsolable, and having pain at the insertion site of the platelets and they were infusing slower than usual? So I don’t know. But we were up all night, between her transfusion and antibiotics and moving from ER to 5th floor which is not Oncology because there were no beds.

Then transferring to 6th floor once a bed became available because the Oncology resident was in our room all night trying to figure out what was going on with her. So today her temp was 102.0 most of the day, we had a couple of breaks were it broke to 100.0 but that’s about it. She is such a strong little girl, I don’t know where she gets so much fight in her but it is inspiring. She is so feisty. The nurses probably love her too, because she is so demanding but oh well I just let her ask for what she wants now.

It’s pretty funny. She loves to press the call light. Today is the first day she has started shedding her hair, and she is having alot of diarrhea. Which has been very difficult for her because of the privacy factor. She hates that she needs help and has been trying to get to the bathroom but having difficulty making it. Right now they are starting another unit of blood and her temp right now is 103.4. I know everyone is praying for Syd but pray that these temps go down. I feel so bad for her.

Irene lynn-(Aunt provided update)

Please help us send Sydney a card (read the post Well wishes for Syndey for address and information!)

Thank you,

Crystal Kauffman

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