Monday, January 25, 2010

Florida is Fighting Back: Possible Federal Ban of Nine Exotic Snake Species

"Unfortunately, the recent tragic death of toddler, by an illegally kept exotic pet snake has sparked state officials into creating a new bill that will ban the import or trade of several types of pet snake. The recent discovery of several vicious African Rock pythons living in the Florida Everglades has raised new concerns on how to fight this ever-growing nightmare. According to Flesher (2009), state officials should be focusing on eliminating the pythons that have been found growing in the wild, instead penalizing the snake owners or the exotic snake dealer. However, state officials believe that this new federal ban may help stop this nightmare from moving to other states or expanding their grip on the southern parts of the sunshine state." (Read more)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

African Rock Python: A New Threat to South Florida's Native Wildlife

A new threat has scientists worried, as a new species python has been found living in the Florida Everglades. The "African Rock Python" is considered to be meaner and more aggressive than its cousin, which is known as the Burmese Python. Florida officials scramble to save the natural habitat from the Burmese Python and the Boa Constrictors, but now they must face a new threat to the native wild life. According Reid (2009), only time will tell how many of these giant snakes actually exist in South Florida and its surrounding areas. However, scientists are arguing that there may be some hybrid offspring from the two species of python, which can add to the exotic snake nightmare facing the wildlife that calls the swamp their home. (Read more)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Scott Spiecher: A Hero is Finally Home

A day of mourning and somber spirits loomed over the First Coast, Navy Captain Scott Speicher was laid to rest on Friday, August 14, 2009. The streets of Jacksonville, FL was lined with spectators and those who wanted to pay their respects to this fallen hometown hero. The funeral precession stopped at its various spots all over the Jacksonville, FL area, as those gathered said good-bye. Many spectators did not know Scott personally, but thanks to his family and friends hard work....he was never forgotten! (Read More)