Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rescuing Brandie

My two brothers, my mom, and I visited a local convenience store where we met a beautiful auburn-colored dog when I was turning 12. She looked to be a lab and shepherd mix, who was rather large with big beautiful brown eyes. The dog was very friendly and well-mannered, so I played with her for a moment while everyone else went into the store. She seemed to be sick and her skeleton was showing, due to being underweight. (Read More)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Warning from Local Police After an Infant is Kidnapped by an Imposter

On the heels of a recent kidnapping, the local police officers are encouraging parents to call the police, whenever any person is claiming to represent a government agency. According to Reed, Detman, & Spivey
(2010), the suspect had tricked the parents by stating that she was with the local child protection agency. Now, police are asking all parents to ask any person representing a public agency for their credentials and identification... (Read more)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Freelance Authors: Finding Short-Story Contest

Are you an aspiring author who wants to enter your short story in a contest? Is your story ready to compete against thousands of others? Then, the Internet has become a perfect tool for you to get started. First of all, you will need to research the different writing communities for legitimate contests to enter. Web sites for authors such as or have contest listings and community boards for aspiring writers. (Read more)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Suicidal Tendencies of Americans

No matter the race or ethnicity, there have been many suicides committed by people who may feel they are at their wits ends. The emotional pain causes someone, to think about suicide as his or her only alternative. Some do it because they feel so guilty, hurt and humiliated, or hopeless about their current situation. They feel like they would be better dead, than to experience any more pain. It does not matter what problem people face in their lives, each crisis creates emotional strife for them.(Read More)

Somer Thompson: Police Have Named a Person of Interest

There is an update in the Somer Thompson case that rocked the nation in October 2009 after she disappeared and was found slain a few days later. According to Spivey & Wax (2010), the police have finally named Jarred Mitchell Harrell, as a person of interest in the Somer Thompson’s investigation. He became a person of interest after investigators learned that in August 2009, his ex-roommates had turned his computer in to the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office. They were concerned over some questionable content, which they found on his personal computer. (Read More)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Somer Thompson: An Angel's Light Extinguished Way Too Soon.

An Orange Park, Florida neighborhood was shocked and horrified over Somer Thompson's disappearance on her way home from school on October 19, 2009. Unfortunately, she got upset and ran ahead, instead of waiting for her

siblings and the children that she was walking home with. The family became alarmed when Somer could not be found and they contacted the police for assistance. Immediately, the police and volunteers scoured the Orange Park area, searching for this beautiful little girl who had just vanished without a trace...(Read More)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I Chose to Self-Publish My Poetry Collection

In honor of my hero and best friend Isom Ray Plyler, who is and always was more than a grandpa to me. This year, will be the third year, since he passed away and I am a little sad he never got to see what I have accomplished as an aspiring author. However, I know he is no longer suffering and he is watching over me every day. So far, I have already written over 500 articles and poems for Helium and Associated Content, under my pen name Imogen Rayne.

Recently, I decided to self-publish a book, which would allow me to place all of my poetryinto one large collection. My experience with this venture was amazingly simple and the publish program was easy to follow. Unfortunately, I had never considered self-publishing, until I saw how simple it could be. Personally, I recommend this website to any author who is interested in self-publishing their work also.