Sunday, November 28, 2010

University of Phoenix: My Experience

My graduation from University of Phoenix is just a couple months away and I haven't decided if I want to continue furthering my education. I could delay paying back my school loans for another two years, if a do go for my Master's Degree. By then, I hope to be a successful content writer or columnist who makes a decent salary or I will have "real job" that allows me to further my career...I hope!

I have been attending online classes with the University of Phoenix for the past four years and I had a great experience. So far, I have earned an Associate in Arts of Business and I am currently working on a Bachelor Degree in Communication. I know I need to further my education, in order to chase my dream of being a successful columnist. It will take hard work, talent, and education are what it will take to make it a reality in my life as I continue.

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