Monday, April 11, 2011

Jay Moody--The Neighborhood Angel

Riley "Jay" Moody

The Neighborhood Angel

By, Imogen Rayne

Jay Moody was a simple yet honest man,
However, he wasn’t very hard to understand.
Sometimes whenever he spoke,
His kind words healed what was broke.

My neighbor loved his family every day,
In addition, he helped his friends in every way.
His passion was fixing anything that he could,
He was never a master, but he was talented and good.

I admired and respected the man that I knew,
As I watched him from my front porch while I grew.
He was there when he didn’t have to be,
I will always love him for caring about me.

He is in heaven right now as I walk this town,
I know he is happy and smiling down.
Life won’t be the same without him here,
Thankfully, I know he is always close and near.

Raising my glass in a silent but emotional toast,
I will remember the simple man, who cared the most.
His life was a beautiful dance that I was able to share,
As an angel, he will send little signs to show that he is still there.

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Susan Kane said...

You are so fortunate ti have this precious neighbor angel in your life. I loved your poetic homage to one of God's saints.