Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thomas: My Twin Brother

This is my twin brother Thomas and his little boy Stone. We had a interesting relationship as we grew up, because we both wanted separate identities. Now that we are older we are very close and I hope to stay that way. I wrote a poem for him years ago, when our relationship was broken and needed major repairs. I thank God everyday that we were able to fix and repair our relationship, so we can begin sharing our life together.

Eyes Like Me

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Staring at an image of your face,
My brother was born in first place.
Looking at the image of me,
It is my twin brother I see.
Eyes with the same shape as mine,
My brother is the only link to a time.
Mistakes we both have made,
Built up hate and anger replaces the pain.
A bond broken many years ago,
Now, it is hard to let our love show.
Getting past the way we feel,
Is this the only way our bond can heal?
Help me try to turn the page,
Let us start acting our age.
Adults with responsibilities of our own,
I need my friend, I lost for so long!

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