Friday, April 29, 2011

Xenophilia Kicks in for the Royal Wedding Around the Globe

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge First Public Kiss as Newlywed Royals on April 29th, 2011

Most people in the world has waited for the royal wedding of Prince William Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton since the engagement was announced. The happy couple will now be known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from this day forward. Many people from many different countries tuned in to watch the service whether by television or the internet. This hype and media coverage allowed people to watch their favorite or even not-so favorite royal couple say.."I will"!

Some many people from different countries, lined the street to participate in the wedding of the couple who will be the future of the British Monarchy. I couldn't believe that millions of people flooded the circle where the Goddess of Victory statue stands. Just outside of the Buckingham Palace's and it has a nice view of the balcony Balcony where the royal couple shared their first Royal Kiss in public as husband and wife.

I was one of those people who watched the entire event and even enjoyed the surprises along the way. I am excited to follow this love story, just as many other people from around the entire world like Australia or Africa. Many people from USA like me could watch it from the comfort or our own home, as well as participate in local events that allows people to feel as if they are part of the wedding.

I had a lot of fun and wonder what was your favorite moments, because mine was the double kisses. I really felt that the royal wedding was romantic yet elegant,  as well as a fairy tale coming true for Miss Catherine Middleton and Prince William Wales.

I pray the Royal Couple have a long and happy life together! In addition as husband and wife.

Footnote: Xenophilia means the love of foreigners and I think the entire world felt this way for Britain.

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