Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Review of Nopalea from TriVita

Have you heard of a nutritional or wellness drink called TriVita? I tried this drink recently for inflammation in my back and it helped me. I don’t have the money to continue purchasing it, but I do think this company is on to something. The drink helped me by reducing the pain I felt in my lower back due to inflammation, since I experienced radiation treatment. My experience with this product called Nopalea was that it tasted delicious and it helped ease the pain I felt. Not completely, but I did feel a difference, so I would recommend trying this out for yourself. Therefore, I thought I would let you check it out and see what you think about this company.

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Belle said...

Sounds great, but I have never drank it. I can't eat or drink too many fruits- just peach, mango and guava for the most part.