Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking the Stress out of an Emergency with MedTrakker

The MedTrakkers are more than just a medical record keeping system. They enable patients and caregivers the ability to empower themselves, by giving them the tools and knowledge to be proactive in their healthcare. In a serious or life-threatening situation, the family members can become stressed out and worried about their loved one’s medical condition.

After calling for help, the Emergency Medical Technicians will need to ask the family members for information regarding the patient’s condition and their medical history. The MedTrakker ‘personal medical record keeping’ organizing system will help the family members easily find the answers, which they will need to give to the emergency personnel.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Help Me By Reading My Work

Dear Beloved Readers,

         Recently my grandma, broke her leg and will need to remain in rehabilitation center for a month or two. Unfortunately, due to high gas prices, this has put a strain on my family's ability to see her as often as we want too. I am asking my readers to please consider reading my work at Yahoo Contributor Network and Helium. This will allow me earn a little bit of money, which will help me and my family be able to see my grandma regularly.


Here is a poem I wrote about her:

A Grandmother’s Love

From the day we met, so long ago,
You've helped and watched me grow.
From a stubborn little girl, who knew it all,
To a dumb teen, which took a fall.

Dealt with my pain to pride each day,
Until, I grew up and went away.
I quickly came back to return to you,
Always loving what you do.

Now, my best friend is sitting here,
Cherishing all that I hold dear.
A relationship that I can't forget,
Your love became my safety net.

She has always helped me, when I call,
My Grandma has endured it all.

 Copyright 2009, Crystal S. Kauffman

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interested in Aromatherpy....Meet Serena

Serena Gibson is an aroma-therapist and candle maker, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband. She is a mother of two small sons, who support her creativity and they enjoy giving her new ideas to consider adding to her growing collection of products. She owns a Russian tortoise as a pet, which is a special part of her family. In 2006, right after the birth of her youngest son, she began making candles but she wanted to tickle her customer’s senses. 

Serena decided she wanted to learn more about creating different scents to mix and match with her candle creations. She enrolled in, and completed a course in becoming a certified aroma-therapist, in order to master the skills she needed to create candles with enticing aromatic scents. Mrs. Gibson takes pride in creating new unique products, which each of her customers will cherish. She enjoys being creative and thinking outside the box when creating her sweet aromas for customers.

Mrs. Gibson began creating different custom creations of candle and aromatic scents, due to the effects she felt personally. She began feeling anxiety and stress from the demands of becoming a new mom, since the birth of her newest son. However, with her training and knowledge, she decided to try using the aromatherapy instead of prescription medication. She believed her family, friends, and customers could also benefit from the aromatherapy treatment that she was creating for herself.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Plea to ALL Casey Anthony Trial Watchers

Dear Readers,

       I have watched this case from the beginning and I was not shocked by the verdict handed down by the jury today. I feel the MURDER case was not proven and some many inconsistencies among some witnesses made it hard to believe what they said. I believe this family has been harassed, threatened, and rake through the coals long enough. I feel this jury weighed the case and spoke up about what evidence and witnesses that were presented. 

We as a public need to respect that! I don't condone her behavior in anyway, but we cannot threaten her or her family. This makes us no better than what we may think of her, so please respect the Anthony's right to privacy and safety. From the videos I saw...Caylee loved her mom and she loved her. George, Cindy, and Lee loved her as well. Instead of getting angry, please pray for this entire family. 

I felt from the start that it was an accident and a attempted coverup, due to fear of her lifestyle and/or drug use. Yet, Casey is very hard to read due to lies and stone cold demeanor, but it is not our place to judge her as the public. But, NO ONE lived in her shoes but her and we have no idea what truly happened that fateful day. She was convicted by MEDIA for so long and millions have been watching since the media for reported her disappearance.

Instead of given her the chance to stand trial and then speculate on how we feel. I feel that she has to live with whatever she did for her entire. Personally, I am appalled by death threats given to the Anthony family and the possible threats of violence by search volunteers. Protestors need to leave the family alone and let them truly grieve. It is insane to act this way...let God be the judge! God knows what happened and he will judge her. 

(Sorry this is my opinion) Please know I respect everyone's opinion, but I am asking everyone to stop acting in violent ways! Let this family have the privacy that they have not had for over 3 years now. What if you were in their shoes? 

Light a candle for Caylee and her memory. Please stop taking your own children out to protest and to see possible violence by protestors. 

Rest in Peace Caylee...You will forever have our hearts.