Thursday, July 21, 2011

Help Me By Reading My Work

Dear Beloved Readers,

         Recently my grandma, broke her leg and will need to remain in rehabilitation center for a month or two. Unfortunately, due to high gas prices, this has put a strain on my family's ability to see her as often as we want too. I am asking my readers to please consider reading my work at Yahoo Contributor Network and Helium. This will allow me earn a little bit of money, which will help me and my family be able to see my grandma regularly.


Here is a poem I wrote about her:

A Grandmother’s Love

From the day we met, so long ago,
You've helped and watched me grow.
From a stubborn little girl, who knew it all,
To a dumb teen, which took a fall.

Dealt with my pain to pride each day,
Until, I grew up and went away.
I quickly came back to return to you,
Always loving what you do.

Now, my best friend is sitting here,
Cherishing all that I hold dear.
A relationship that I can't forget,
Your love became my safety net.

She has always helped me, when I call,
My Grandma has endured it all.

 Copyright 2009, Crystal S. Kauffman

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