Monday, August 29, 2011

Save Time and Money by Storing Your Families Medical Records at Home

Many medical doctors and nurse practitioners are recommending that patients or caregivers keep copies of his or her medical records at home. The patient and the doctor can avoid dangerous prescription interactions or misinformation caused by lost medical records. The MedTrakker Medical Organizing System can store copies of vital documents, just in case the original documents are misplaced or destroyed by a natural disaster.

Keeping up-to-date medical records are vital to helping doctors understand a patient’s previous medical history. Additionally, doctors and nurses believe that patients can help eliminate wasting precious time, during a life-threatening medical emergency. Storing copies of the patient’s medical records can save money and time, since the patient will not have to repeat costly tests or procedures. However, patients who have a chronic condition like cancer or diabetes can show a specialist what treatment they are following.  

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finding Discovery Park

One autumn day, after school my twin brother Thomas and I noticed that our family’s dog was not outside on his chain. Nooksack usually barks or howls at us, once we step off the school bus in the afternoon. He will continue barking, until he gets the attention that he is craving from us. I thought that my step-dad might have moved him inside the house, before he went to work. After searching the house, my brother and I realized that Nooksack was missing.

I was beginning to worry when my confident brother suggested that we walked along the naval base in Seattle, WA. I was literally stumped on where he could be, because normally he would chase our school bus whenever he broke his chain. As we walked the neighbored, my brother and I gave out his description to the other kids we passed. We knew he liked all children, since we were about to turn ten years old on New Year’s Eve.

     “Where could he be!” I thought to myself.
     “Let’s go check the nature trail. Nooksack is used to us walking with him in that area.” Thomas suggested.

Nooksack was a dark brown and tan German-Shepherd mix, who was born different colored eyes. His left eye was light blue and his right eye was a dark brown, which made him unique. I was getting frustrated and sad because we couldn’t find him, but my brother was sure we would find him. I continued calling his name, as my brother continuously whistled for him.

We walked down a winding hill, until we reached a path which was lined with wild flowers and apple trees. My brother decided to grab a couple of the green apples for us, as we continued walking along the trail. I stopped to pick some wildflowers for my mom, as Thomas handed me an apple. I stuck my apple in my pocket and we continued looking and calling for him.  

In the distance, we saw a small wooded trail, which lead deeper into the woods. My brother and I were sure we had never seen it before. At first, I didn’t want to follow the new trail, because I was worried about getting lost. However, my brother assured that he knew the way back to our home. As we approached the trail, I noticed a large set of paw prints, which belonged to a large dog like Nooksack.

I knew that the paw prints could belong to our dog, so I became excited and showed my brother what I had discovered. He suggested that we follow the paw prints and the new trail we had found. Not long after we set out on the wooded trail, we came to a clearing and found a wooden gate. The gate was made of two totem poles with carvings of animals and a sign that read, Discovery Park in bright yet bold yellow letters. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Angel Abigail

I met my beloved puppy, who I named Abigail on my fourteenth birthday after her mother Brandie gave birth to her on my bedroom floor. She was a golden-red German Shepherd, Chow, and Akita mix puppy. She was so tiny that she fit in the palm of my hand, yet she was such a beautiful puppy. Immediately, this adorable newborn puppy that had captured my heart.

My family and I rescued her mother Brandie after finding her at the local convenience store one night, which was around the corner from my home. She was starving and lost, so my family decided to adopt her. A few months before my birthday, I had made an appointment to get her spayed. However, I discovered that Brandie was already pregnant by my neighbor’s purebred Akita,

On my birthday or New Year’s Eve, I left to babysit for a friend of mine while they ran a few errands. Brandie was lying on my bedroom floor and she looked like she didn’t feel well, once I returned home that night. I screamed for my mom with tears in my eyes, when suddenly she gave birth to a beautiful light brown puppy. She gave birth to another light brown puppy, which was almost identical to the first puppy.

I was witnessing the blessed miracle of life through this dog I had rescued, but I was amazed and grossed out at the same time. For a few minutes, I massaged her back as she rested after cleaning the first two puppies. My mom and I thought she was finished, so I was about to get up. Suddenly, she began having another tan and brown colored puppy, which look just like a pure bred German Shepherd.

I stayed with Brandie, as my twin brother came in and began admiring the tiny newborn puppies also. My mom and my little brother were building a make shift bed for Brandie and the new puppies, when she began giving to a tiny golden-red puppy. The last puppy was smaller than the others were, but she was the most adorable puppy I had ever seen. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet Author Imogen Rayne

About the Author:

My name is Crystal Kauffman (Pen name: Imogen Rayne). I am a Freelance Author with 14 years of experience behind me. I have published over 500 articles online and offline, since I began my writing career. I enjoy using my talent to help small business owners, who need help with their everyday business communications like press releases and articles. I also enjoy making fliers and brochures, as well many other forms of business communications. For more information about my writing services, please visit:

Currently, I live in Jacksonville, FL with my husband and my three children. Personally, I am an eight year cancer survivor, who loves to write. Therefore, for the last five years, I have been using the talent God gave me to create and maintain a support network for those touched by cancer. The Laugh at Cancer Support Network is for patients and families touched by cancer, who has been touched directly or indirectly. Visit our support network, if you would like to help make a difference or if you are in need of support.
Laugh At Cancer Support Network

Published Work

Rhymes of The Heart- This is an uplifting and inspirational collection of poems. These rhymes come from my heart, throughout the good and bad times I experienced. I believe many of my readers and fans can relate to the poems I have written. Additionally, ten percent of each purchase will benefit the Laugh at Cancer Support Network.

Samples of My Work:

A Woman On a Mission to Put a MedTrakker in Every Home: Amber Bowden’s Story

Aromatherapy Makes Scents to Soothe and Heal:

The Well BabyTrakker is the New Ultimate Baby Book for Expectant Mothers

Life Interrupted

This is not my car, but this is what it looked like!

It was a typical March morning for my family, as we were getting ready to head out to the local flea market across town for our Saturday getaway. Suddenly, my fiancĂ© came rushing into the house and he announced that my car had been stolen. I was so angry and shocked; I didn’t understand that someone had actually stolen my car right out of my own driveway. Once, I gathered my thoughts, I called the police to report that my car had been stolen and await their arrival.

I decided to ask my all of my neighbors, if they had noticed someone around my car or if they seen it leave throughout the night. My next store neighbor stated, “I heard your car start and leave at three in the morning, but I thought you left in an emergency...I’m sorry!”.

After the police arrived and took my statement, they began taking each neighbors statement as well.

 The police finished getting everyone’s name and his or her statements, as I decided to sit on my porch and wait. I always thought that I would hear my own car start in my driveway, however I never heard it start or pull off that night. Besides, I never thought anyone would want to steal my little red 1993 Dodge Shadow, but evidently someone did!.

PS: Thank you to all who are reading and commenting on my articles. Your opinion and helpful advice are appreciated in anyway...Hugs!