Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh No...Mommy has Cancer!

This is my story! Names Have been changed.

"Shh!" Molly whispered to her little brother Drake, who is four-years-old.
"Don't wake up Mommy! She just got home from the hospital."Kevin reminded them.
Molly stated "Mommy is sick and seems to sleep a lot lately."
"I know but your mother is very sick. Sleep helps her body to heal."

Molly is seven-years-old with big beautiful brown eyes like me. However, her complexion was olive color like her father. As she grows, she has more of my personality coming out of her. Molly has shoulder length golden brown hair that matched her father's eyes. She has my unruly hair but Drake has his father's hair type. Drake favored his father with his big brown eyes that, along with a few of his facial features. Nevertheless, he has chestnut brown hair which took after his mother Chelsey. She has complained about a sharp throbbing pain in her lower abdomen, since she was twelve years old. Nevertheless most doctors diagnosed her with Gastritis and each doctor informed her to get gas pills. In September of 2002, she began working for a landscaping and plant nursery. She cleaned up the weeds in the plant nursery while taking care of the plants and the office. All month long Chelsey had a horrible pain in her belly, but due to no health insurance.

She had no choice but to visit local emergency room to get the help she needed. She ended up staying in the hospital for three days, while the doctors pumped antibiotics in to her system. Chelsey finally got better, but the pain never really went away and she was advised to see a specialist. Thankfully, her visit to the emergency room actually helped her to get approved for a state medical insurance plan. The OB/GYN doctor she was referred to by the hospital, needed to recheck her in order to see if the infection had responded to the antibiotics that were given to her at the hospital. This specialist examined her and took a biopsy of her cervix, which is the removal of a tissue sample. He wanted to see if he could explain why Chelsey's lower abdomen was still in severe pain. The doctor sent the biopsy to the hospital lab to be examined and tested. The specialist nurse called Chelsey on the phone and asked her to come to the doctor's office that afternoon in Oct. 2002. Molly noticed that her mom was crying the next day when she got home from work.

"Did something bad happen at work?" She asked as her mother hugged her tightly.
"Nothing for you to worry about sweetie, Mommy is having a bad day right now." Chelsey replied trying to reassure Molly.
Molly began cleaning her mother's office when she saw some information about cervical cancer on her desk. This made her worry, so Molly got very sad because she knew people that had died due to cancer.
"Do you have cancer Mommy? Are you going to die?" She asked her mother.
Molly's eye began filling tears, as Drake crawled into her mother's lap and began crying as well.
"Yes, I have cancer, but tomorrow my cancer doctor will decide the treatment I will need to take. Then, I'll know more about what we can expect once I see the oncologist."
"Will you die mommy?" Drake asked with tears streaming down his face.

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