Thursday, November 1, 2012

Should Pet Owners be Charged a Pet Deposit

Is it fair to charge pet owners?
Is it fair for a pet owner to pay a fee to apartment or house owner, which is usually some sort of deposit is paid to the landlord. Many families own many different types of pets like: dogs, cats, birds, fish, lizards, and snakes as pets. However, they love their pets and are not willing to part with them, so they are willing to pay a pet deposit. Many rentals advertise no pets in the newspaper, because they don't want any kind of pet within the home.
Animals can dirty a home
As an animal lover, I believe it is fair to charge a pet deposit, because certain animals may dirty up the home or carpet. Unfortunately, pets can ruin carpets and chew on furniture, as well as the pet giving off an odor. The animal may have a disease or fleas, which is another reason the landlords ask for a pet deposit. This will help the owner of the house or apartment to fix whatever is caused by owning pets of any kind.

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