Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tips for Sailing with Children

So, you want to go sailing with your children this summer? First, you must ask you self a few questions, just to be sure they are ready. Has your child learned how to tread water, float, or swim? Have the learned the rules for boating safely or is this a new experience? Honestly, sailing with your children can be full of adventure and excitement. However, you must teach your children the rules of the boat and the water.

Before scheduling your sailing trip, start teaching them how to put on a life jacket. Then, make sure that they know where the life boat or raft is. Make sure that they know how to use the radio or call for help. Remind them regularly about safety rules they must follow on the boat. Also, explain that their life jacket must stay on, whenever they are on the boat. By being prepared, they will know what to do if they are in danger.

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