Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Start Your Own Personal Prayer Journal

Four years ago, I founded an online support group for cancer patients and their families, which is named the Laugh at Cancer Support Community. Many times, I just listen to the members talk about their individual situation and we read the Bible together over the phone. However, I have had a few members asked me if I can teach them to pray, because most didn’t feel comfortable talking out loud to God. So, I admitted that I don’t pray out loud all the time either, instead I have kept a prayer journal for about ten years.

Use the talent that God gave you

Thankfully, a special woman named Ms. Annie gave me some helpful advice years ago about using the talent that God gave me. She encouraged me to write down my prayers to God, especially when I was a new Christian and in need of guidance. Whenever you pray, feel free play a musical instrument while praying or sing the prayer. This way, you are using your own talent to keep a close relationship with Jesus and God. Remember, that God knows your heart and you mind, so find a way to include him into your life every day in your own way.  

Write what is in your heart

Never second guess yourself, instead always go with your own gut instinct and write what you feel led to discuss with God. Sometimes, it is easier to write down your feelings and thoughts, than it is to speak them out loud. You can open up your heart and let God know exactly what you feel and ask him to help you become a better person. Keeping a prayer journal will also help you obtain a closer relationship with your heavenly father and his son Jesus. No matter what you choose to write about in your prayer journal, be sure to remember to include Jesus Christ and repentance of your sins so God will hear you.

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