Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stand Up Against Rappers Who Sing About Raping Women....Sign the Petiton!

WOMEN AND MEN....If you believe that date rape is wrong please read this article and sign the petition against this rapper RICK ROSS and others. He admits in the lyrics of his song "he drugged a woman with ecstasy and date raped a woman, who doesn't even know it".
Please share as well, because 200 more signatures are needed (I believe). In fairness, it could be just lyrics, but you do not want some man to do this to you, your daughter, sister, wife, or mother.
If a parent listens to this song, young children will be exposed to this type of lyrics on the radio or other media. Then young teens or young adults may try to copy what the lyrics say....Please Stand UP against this!

Reference: (2013) Rick Ross, MMG, Rocko, Future: Pull song from media; issue a public apology to rape victims and women.
Retrieved on March 28, 2013 from the World Wide Web

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Donna Shields said...

Done. That's disturbing.