Friday, October 25, 2013

My Son is Moving!!!

My Children and Me
My son DJ has been a constant jewel in my life, but he is about to set off on an adventure with his father and step-mother. I am sad but happy that he leaving to a whole new town. He will be far away from me and I will miss him so much, yet I know that his father and step-mother will love and care for him. 

Thankfully, he will be able to meet new people and enjoy going to a new school where he can make friends. DJ will also be able to find new adventures to enjoy, as he grows into a little man. I will get to see him at designated times, but it will be time well spent making new memories. We will use Skype, cell phone, and Facebook to stay in touch with each other. I pray that his father, step-mother, and DJ will make it to their destination safely. I love him and I hope he explores all possibilities that God sets in front of him.

PS: A special thank you goes out to him step-mom for loving and caring for him, as I would. Thank you for being there for both my children and thank you for being such a wonder second mother. You are the best!

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Donna Shields said...

I gotta say it is super great to see that you and his stepmom get along and all. Unfortunately I see some who can't get over the past to see that a stepmom's job is just as important as a mom's. I speak from experience. Good luck to your son on his travels and a new place to live.