Sunday, November 10, 2013

Donate Your Unused Gift Cards

Do you ever have unwanted gift cards after the holiday season has passed? If so, think about how many friends and family will be giving out gift cards you may not. Additionally, you may not be able to use each gift card for many different reasons, which means the gift card will expire and become worthless. During the upcoming holiday season, think about how you can change someone's life using the very gift card that you may not use or want. Many different websites will allow you to resell the gift card to them and offer you cash back for each unused card.

However, here is another idea to ponder… how about donating your cards to the military, patients in the hospital (with cancer or other illnesses), or to the less fortunate in your community? During this recession, many families may not have food or presents for Christmas. Therefore, why not take your unwanted gift cards or even gifts order to donate them to others, who will enjoy knowing that you are thinking of them. These families will enjoy the fact that you are thinking about them during this holiday season.

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