Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Wedding Day, Despite the Many Setbacks

My seventh wedding anniversary is coming up Nov. 30th.
I wanted to share our wedding story with you that I wrote four years ago.
Today, makes my fourth wedding anniversary and I can't help but think about the day I finally decided to say I do. It was an ordinary day in Jacksonville, FL., but it was a day that would change my life in many ways. We have had ups and downs since then like every couple, but we have two rules that we always honor. We never let the sun go down on our anger and we call a truce when we cannot reach a conclusion we both agree on.

November 30th 2006 was my official wedding day, but it was a day that I will truly never forget. I began the day excited about our wedding plans and I worked hard to make sure everything was perfect. I didn't want a big wedding, so I invited only my and his family to the wedding. Suddenly, I got a call that our Pastor was unable to marry us, due to being put in the hospital. I almost gave up on getting married that day, but my landlord was a notary and she performed the ceremony right in her office.

My husband and I were married, yet my sister-in-law decided to throw us an official wedding with the frills and all. I explained that I was already officially married and it did no good, because she was not taking no for an answer. We decided to get dressed in Jean and nice t-shirts, since I don't really care for dresses. I decided to make one demand, which was to have the ceremony in my granddad's front yard and I wanted him to give me away.

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PS: We love everyone for making our day special, despite the setbacks we endured. 

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