Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seniors Can Overcome The Blues by Volunteering

Are you experiencing the holiday blues or struggling with loneliness this year? If so, you are not alone, because many seniors feel the same around this time of year. Maybe you are mourning the loss of a spouse or a loved one. Nevertheless, if you feel depressed, maybe it is time to talk with your personal doctor. Fortunately, there is help for depression, which can allow you to feel like yourself again.
Your physician will know if you need treatment or if the feelings will pass in time, so do not wait to seek help. Get out there and make a difference in your neighborhood, instead of feeling down or blue. Did you know that working with other seniors could be very rewarding and challenging for anyone?
Ways to Help
Maybe, you would enjoy being a heath care volunteer, which allows you to help others and create more friendships. This will allow you to comfort a baby, feed a sick child, or help a patient's family during a treatment or surgery. Many sick or terminal patient, can use and extra hand around the house or at a nursing home. Check out the local nursing facilities or visit local seniors, who are unable to leave their home.
Show someone you care, by visiting with them and being a true friend. Try visiting seniors in your neighborhood and bring them homemade meals. Some seniors require daily care like bathing and feeding, but others require a little more help or just an extra hand. Always make sure you are ready to learn more, because you may need these skills daily..
Starting a Mission
Your local church may have opportunities to help a local families or create you own mission Furthermore, you could give out Bibles, non-perishable food, or personal care boxes to people that truly need the help. There may be a few families in you neighborhood that desperately needs your kindness and encouragement. This year, some are spending the holidays in a nursing home or the hospital, due to their own illness.
If you like animals, then volunteer at the local dog pound or animal shelter. They will use all the help that they can get! They need people every day, to help care for these lonely abandoned pets. You may even find a special friend, who can help end your struggle with loneliness. Talk to your local shelter and ask about ways to help these homeless pets.
Getting Involved
Additionally, many local schools are in need of extra help, during each school year. Ask the local school or school board about the volunteer opportunities, which are available to you. Then, take the proper steps to get involved and watch as the blues begin to disappear. Every elementary school needs volunteers, in order to give the teachers an extra hand with the students.
Fortunately, there are several senior centers that offer fellowship with others, who are looking for companionship or friendship. These centers may also provide exercises or games, for everyone to participate in. Look around in your community for the nearest senior center and enjoy the companions, who are waiting for you. Many centers have scheduled events that everyone can do together, as a group or alone.
Making a Difference
In addition, many other local groups are looking for volunteers, in order to help spread their message. Be sure to look for local groups and volunteer opportunities that will spark your passion. No matter what you choose, you will find a way to get involved and help others that need it the most. Many families in your neighborhood may need a helping hand or a just a friend.
Either way, when you become a volunteer, you are helping other people and yourself. Thankfully, you will help your neighborhood or the city become stronger, while defeating your loneliness. However, be sure to find a way to help in your own community and the people in it. Therefore, you will be making a difference, so look for ways to get involved and beat the blues.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Remembering Lost Loved Ones

My Granddad and I, three weeks before he passed away. 

Do you ever think of me?
Are your truly happy and free?
I am weak and sad tonight,
Embrace me with your heavenly light.

My heart is empty and blue,
Everyday is painful without you.
The cancer took you away,
I miss you in every way.

You suffered and died so quick,
After the illness made you so sick.
Each memory blows me apart,
The anger has captured my heart.

Hold me, as I face my fears,
Can you wipe away my tears?
Why did you have to die?
Will the tears ever dry?

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anniversary of a Dream

Missing the moments we spent,
Wondering where the time went.
Time has passed without a glance,
Sometimes, I wish I took that chance.

On our anniversary of the day we met,
I can’t help but wonder if I will ever forget.
The love we shared so long ago,
I wonder if you will ever know.

Never will I forget the dance we shared,
Nor will I ever believe you never cared.
Fate happened and tore us apart,
Yet, your love remains locked in my heart.

We will meet as we did once before,
But, only in my dreams forever more
Years have passed and time has sped by,
However, I will not let myself cry.

I will meet you once again in my dreams,
Where not everything is as it seems.
The secret garden I built back then,
I will always open up to let you in.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enter a Short Story Contest

Are you an aspiring author that wants to enter your short story in a contest? Is your story ready to compete against thousands of other stories? Then, the internet has become a perfect tool for you to get started. First of all, you will need to research the different writing communities for legitimate contest to enter. Websites for author like or have contests listings and community boards for aspiring writers.

      Fortunately, there are several websites that are full of contest listings and tip that can help you become a winning author. Most contest websites will list its guidelines and types of stories that they accept. Some contests are looking for certain types of stories to judge; like fantasy, adventure, comedy, drama and overcoming life’s trials or challenges. Every contest has its own requirements, which that should followed by the contestant.

       Sometimes, you will find contests that require an entry fee or a reading fee, before they will even consider judging your story. Other contests may only accept submissions from children under 18 or minorities from other cultures. So make sure that you read and understand the contest rules, as well as the guidelines. This way, you can decide if your story is appropriate for the short story contest that you are planning to enter.

       Furthermore, you can join and find current contests that have just been listed.  Also, there are magazines like Writer’s Digest that list contest and markets for aspiring writers, who want to showcase their story or talent. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard to find a contest that would be perfect for your literary masterpiece. However, beware of the different type of scams, which has hit the writing world by storm and has disappointed many new authors.  

        Always be sure to check out the company and the contests out, by calling the Better Business Bureau. Plus, you can search the internet and writing communities for complaint and comments about the contest. But, there are also websites like:, which is exposing the writing scams that exist. Then, you can protect yourself from the disappointment and frustration that scams cause all of their victims.  

         Additionally, try to submit more of your writing to separate contest, since this will increase your chances of winning. Before you send off your contest entry, be sure to write down the contest information in a safe place. You should create a submission notebook or index cards, in order to keep detailed records of your submissions.  So, you will avoid submitting stories that have already been judged by another contest.

          Some contests require newly written stories and other contest will allow simultaneous submissions by new authors. However, you must be sure what each judge is looking for, if you want your story to at least be read. Plus, be sure to send your best writing, because you will be competing against other freelance writers. Therefore, use your best writing and proofreading skills, in order to increase your chance of winning.

Monday, January 20, 2014

How Would I Change the World?

First, I would start by spreading seeds of kindness to all nations and change the heart of every adult or child. Only, then can a reaction began to take effect and they will inspired to spread their seeds of kindness.  I’d start by spreading seeds of kindness around my own city and neighborhood. Then, I would try to visit every state and nation trying to motivate or inspire others by my actions. However, I must find the best ways to impact somebody with an act of kindness.

        In return, they will also want to spreads seeds of kindness to those they love and know. Change will begin, as the heart of every man and nation has been affected by the kindness of others. The reaction will spread across every ocean and reach those with the coldest hearts. By spreading the seeds of kindness, I can stop the violence and sorrow. Therefore, laughter and love will run rampant in the heart of every man, woman, and child. 
       No one would cry, as the love and welfare of others will rule their heart and mind. Never will hunger kill another living person, because there would be enough to eat. All children will experience unconditional love, instead of hate and anger. There would be no more terrorists left, due to their hearts and minds, being filled with unconditional kindness. Therefore, the world can change, if one person is able to start a chain reaction of love.  
      So, I will spend my life trying to spread seeds of kindness to those I met. However, I hope my actions can make a difference in this world of mine. As I walk daily with many, whom I will influence with my own plan to care to care for others. Hopefully, I can reach their heart and start a chain reaction that flows…all around the world!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Removing Negative Labels from Your Life

Sometimes during your life, you will hear negative labels that have been placed upon you by teachers and parents. Maybe your parents told you, you will never amount to nothing or teachers have told you that you are not smart enough to pass a grade. Unfortunately, we tend to believe what others say about us, even though we know that they are wrong. Something I learned from Sunday school is that God doesn't make junk, so how can we amount to nothing or be worthless?
With God as our guide, we will learn by faith that he has a divine plan, which will help us reach our full potential. Never hold onto these labels that others have given you, which is solely based their limited observation of you and your past mistakes or behaviors. You are not worthless or a freak in God’s eyes, because you were made in his image and he has a plan that will lead you to success. However, you must first believe in Jesus Christ and repent of your sins, in order to become a new creature in Christ.
God has a plan for your life that will help you reach your full potential, whether it is to be successful in business, a ministry, or as a witness for God. Start today, remove the negative labels from your life and soon others will see how God has changed your life as well. Furthermore, believe in yourself and take a moment to thank God for bringing you out of past behaviors and mistakes like: addiction, failures, and other labels that may have held you back for so long.
Never let anyone speak a negative label over your life, because God has put many positive labels into your life. The day you became a Christian, your life became new and God spoke blessings over your life. So now, it is up to you to remove these labels and speak positive things into your life, so you will begin to the many blessings that God has in store for you. However, if you continue to believe the negative labels that people spoke about you, then you may be missing out on the many successes God has been preparing for you.
“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him” James 1:12