Monday, March 31, 2014


This is my best friend Laura and I are discussing how we generally cope with anxiety in our lives. I apologize for strong medications I am on, because it shows in the video. 

This is our first full video together, but we plan to do more in the future. I hope you will like and subscribe to my best friend's YouTube Channel.

Additionally, I know that I must break my habit of using the words, "you know". Have blessed night!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Wings of Hope Project for March 2014

Yesterday, we gave away 12 bags for new patients at Shand’s Infusion Center For Women, plus we threw extras in the nurse’s bag. So, the nurse can make a few more bags. I am excited because we were able to bless so many patients. Come on and get involved for September’s give away.
WE Need:
small gifts
gifts bags
thinking of you cards
Non profits- organizations wristbands- prostate, cervical, ovarian
Anything to cheer a patient, no candy or perishables. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Family’s Struggle with Hoarding (Chapter 5)

Right after waking up, Mandy walked through her mother’s room and become instantly overcome with disbelief. She was irritated that her mother had most of her boxes in the center of the room, which made it harder to get around her mother and her wheelchair. "Overwhelming chaos!"

Mandy thought as she retreated back to her room. "It is way too early for this"; she began repeating to herself and she held her head in her hands.

Today, Mandy is going to let her mom go through each box, by herself and put away the things she was pulling out. Most of the day, Mandy cleaned up her side of the house and began doing everybody’s laundry. Dolly managed to get through a few of the boxes, but in the meantime she filled her bed with stuff from the boxes. Now, she is cleaning off her bed and shoving stuff back into different boxes, which drives Mandy nuts.

Before Mandy walked in her computer room, she was baffled by what her mother was doing and offered to her put things where they belong.
“Why don’t you just put your stuff where it belongs, instead of putting it back in boxes?” Mandy asked her mother.
“Don’t worry about what I’m doing!” Dolly snapped.
Mandy felt a little angry, but she felt more crushed by her mother’s sharp tongue toward her at that moment. 

She felt like she had been punched in the stomach, yet Mandy couldn’t do anything about the intense feelings that she felt. Additionally, Dolly went back to empting certain boxes; while stuffing other slam full of stuff like knickknacks, mail, magazines, pictures, and clothing. Mandy thought they were making progress in de-cluttering their lives, but everyday it just seems like there’s more clutter.

Kyle is tired of moving Dolly’s boxes of stuff to different rooms and then to different spots all over the house. He is also annoyed when having to clean off her bed every night, whenever she piles it up with heavy things that she cannot move herself. Mandy gets overwhelmed by the constant barrage of boxes, which is stacked up and the small trail to the kitchen. Sometimes, Dolly will fall asleep in her wheelchair right in the middle of the small walkway she has created.

However, Mandy and Kyle knows that Dolly is trying to go through years and years of stuff, which has been piled up in boxes year. So, they are both trying to be patient and help her as much as they can, but Dolly has to be the one to go through her stuff. This way, she won’t think one of them is throwing her stuff away and she will know where she put her things. Mandy feels blessed that her mother has already gotten rid of a lot of boxes, but there are still many more to go.

(2014, Crystal S. Kauffman)

A Family’s Struggle with Hoarding (Chapter 4)

This morning, when Mandy woke up, she found her mother passed out in her wheelchair with a large box of papers in front of her. She tried squeezing by Dolly without waking her up, but she was unable to make it around her wheelchair and the boxes that she has stacked up next to one of her dressers and medical cabinet. Mandy gently woke her up and Dolly seemed startled at first, but then she began going through the box once again. She begged her mom to lie down and get some rest, because she had been up all night going through the boxes.

Mandy went to the kitchen and noticed that there was as many boxes, as there was where she went to bed the night before. She felt pleased that her mother had taken the initiative to go through the boxes and start getting rid of things that she didn’t need. However, later on that day, Mandy found out that her mother had just consolidated the stuff into the different boxes. Finally, Mandy, asked Dolly if she could help her go through some more boxes and eliminate the need for so many boxes.

“No, I will do it myself. You will just throw my stuff away.” Dolly barked at Mandy.

“I promise that I will not throw any of your stuff away, without your permission.” Mandy replied.

Mandy knew that no matter what she does, her mother will always be a hoarder and the more she tries to organize Dolly’s life. The more resistance and negativity she receives from her mother, but Mandy is determined to somehow change circumstances that she has been dealt. Her grandparents were hoarders, just as her mother and her brother is a hoarder. Dolly is against having a yard sell or giving her stuff away to an organization that can use it to help other under families.

Currently, Dolly has three dressers full of clothing and boxes stacked about 5 foot high in some places, yet Mandy is proud that she has taken a time to finally eliminate many of the boxes that once filled up a whole room. At last count, she has about 30 more boxes to go through and then Mandy is hoping to talk her into going to her clothes. This way, she can live comfortably in the living room, instead of having the move boxes around constantly. Mandy’s mother has a lot of nice things, yet they are all stored in boxes and no one can see the beautiful pieces that she has collected over the years.

Mandy is thrilled that her mother has stayed on task and has gotten rid of many of the boxes that filled up the entire kitchen, as well as the living room. She doesn’t have that far to go, yet she still has a lot of boxes to go through still and Mandy will help her whenever she needs it. Maybe one day soon, Dolly will have her bedroom set up nicely and hopefully she will not have any more boxes full of papers are clothing. Honestly, Mandy’s mother has taken a big step in changing her life from a hoarder to someone who can show off her unique collections.

She has a long way to go still, because she needs to go through her many bags and purses, and order to find the best one for her to carry each day. Dolly also needs to gather her clothes and decide whether she wants some are not, so we can donate or sell the ones that she doesn’t want. At this point, Mandy is amazed at the progress that her mother has made, since we started this project six days ago. However, she wishes she could help her mother go through her stuff and finally get done with this daunting project.

(2014, Crystal S. Kauffman)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Family’s Struggle with Hoarding (Chapter 3)

“Here do you want this?” Dolly snidely asked.  

“What is it?” Mandy answered inquisitively.

Mandy instantly knew that her mother was in a bad mood today, but she was surprised when she saw the little black box she was holding. She took the little black box that her mother had given her and she took it with her to the kitchen. She slowly opened the box and was immediately stunned when she seen the beautiful necklace.

Mandy was puzzled by this gesture of kindness, despite her ill mood she was displaying at the time that Dolly gave her the gift.  She pulled the necklace out of the black box and put it on in front of the bathroom mirror. Mandy loved the necklace but, she wasn’t sure why her mother was in such an ill mood. Mandy headed back to her room, while wading her way around Dolly endless boxes of clothing and miscellaneous papers.

As Mandy walked by she said. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome” Dolly grumpily stated.

About thirty minutes later, Mandy came out of her room, in order to help her mother go through more boxes. However, Dolly’s had changed drastically and she was very angry, but Mandy couldn’t figure out why she was so mad. Mandy try to ignore her attitude and continue working on getting her clothes separated. 
Suddenly, Dolly starts screaming at Mandy to leave her stuff alone, so Mandy decided to go to her room and watch a movie.

Mandy was feeling cold, but she has no warm shirts and she asked her mom if she could use one of her winter shirts. Dolly got angry and began ranting and raving about how Mandy needed to get her own clothes. However, Mandy got upset because she had lots of her own clothes when she moved in with her mother. Four year now, she has begged Dolly to go through her clothes and see if any of Mandy’s clothes are packed up with her clothes.

Unfortunately, Dolly refuses to go to her clothes and swears that none of Mandy’s clothes has gotten mixed up with her. Mandy’s mom has two closets full of clothes, as well as many boxes and baskets that are filled with clothing. Some of these clothes have not been touched in years, because they don’t fit her anymore. Currently, she is trying to get another closet built, in order to hold more of her clothes that she doesn’t want to get rid of.

Mandy believes that her mother should go through her clothes and keep what fits her, while letting the other clothes go to the local Goodwill. However, Dolly will not part with her clothes and she doesn’t really like sharing them with Mandy either. Right now, Mandy feels overwhelmed by the amount of boxes that are cluttering up her mother’s room and the kitchen. She prays that her mother will seek help for her problem with hoarding and with her depression.

(2014, Crystal S. Kauffman/Fictional Short Story)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Family’s Struggle with Hoarding (Chapter 2)

Dolly spent another day sorting through her boxes of stuff, but Mandy can’t tell whether there has been progress or not. Unfortunately, all Dolly has done is created a trail to everywhere that she needs need to go. Kyle has to move boxes, in order for Mandy to get in the dressing room or to get dishes out from under the cupboard.

Dolly still has boxes that are up under the table and blocking some of the cupboards, which can be very frustrating. Sometimes, Kyle and Mandy just want to throw the boxes away, especially the ones that just old magazines or old bills. However, Dolly would have a fit, if they were to touch any of her precious stuff.

Mandy and Kyle want to be able to bring friends over for a barbecue or just sit around and hang out together. Additionally, they want to be able to do a Bible study and invite people to join them, but the kitchen table is always full of Dolly’s stuff. Every time Mandy moves it, somehow, Dolly places it right back up on the table.

Today, Mandy decided to work on a book that she’s been writing, plus, she worked a little on a volunteer project that she is involved with. Dolly continued moving stuff around, but all she did was place boxes to a different spot. Furthermore, Mandy’s new anxiety medication is working so she is able to tolerate the feeling of being overwhelmed when confronted with Dolly’s stuff.

Mandy and Kyle are spending more time together, which helps Mandy by giving her the house and away from Dolly. Whenever they return to the house they both feel overwhelmed by a dreadful feeling that consumes them. Both of them know that she will have a room full of boxes, including part of the kitchen.

One thing they have learned throughout the four years of living here is that Dolly will never change. She grew up with parents, who were hoarders and her brother is the same way. So, Mandy and Kyle just keep their side of the house clean and pray each day that Dolly will recognize her hoarding condition. Additionally, they pray that she realizes that she doesn't need all those boxes and will throw away the old stuff.

So far, Mandy and Kyle are doing their best with learning how to live with someone who is a compulsive hoarder. It’s not easy, but God doesn't put more on someone than they can handle. Thankfully, Mandy knows that with God’s help she will have the strength to endure the struggle with Dolly.

(2014, Crystal S. Kauffman)

(Chapter 3 coming soon)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Start Your Own Personal Prayer Journal

Four years ago, I founded an online support group for cancer patients and their families, which is named the Laugh at Cancer Support Community. Many times, I just listen to the members talk about their individual situation and we read the Bible together over the phone. However, I have had a few members asked me if I can teach them to pray, because most didn't feel comfortable talking out loud to God. So, I admitted that I don't pray out loud all the time either, instead I have kept a prayer journal for about ten years.
Use the talent that God gave you
Thankfully, a special woman named Ms. Annie gave me some helpful advice years ago about using the talent that God gave me. She encouraged me to write down my prayers to God, especially when I was a new Christian and in need of guidance. Whenever you pray, feel free play a musical instrument while praying or sing the prayer. This way, you are using your own talent to keep a close relationship with Jesus and God. Remember, that God knows your heart and you mind, so find a way to include him into your life every day in your own way.
Write what is in your heart
Never second guess yourself, instead always go with your own gut instinct and write what you feel led to discuss with God. Sometimes, it is easier to write down your feelings and thoughts, than it is to speak them out loud. You can open up your heart and let God know exactly what you feel and ask him to help you become a better person. Keeping a prayer journal will also help you obtain a closer relationship with your heavenly father and his son Jesus. No matter what you choose to write about in your prayer journal, be sure to remember to include Jesus Christ and repentance of your sins so God will hear you.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Family’s Struggle with Hoarding

“Living with a hoarder or someone who piles stuff in boxes, can affect your whole life and can be very overwhelming for someone with your physiological conditions.” Doctor Tater stated right before their counseling session was over

“I know, but at this time I cannot move out or away from the home, because of my mother. She is in a wheelchair. For four years I discovered that she cannot live alone and she has no one else to depend on. My mother is very gullible and someone would hurt her in some way or another.” Mandy stated in despair. Mandy loved her mom, she gets tired of the constant arguing between her and her mother.

“We will need to work on your triggers or things that make you angry with her, so you can learn to tune her out. I am giving you several medications, which you are to take at breakfast and before bed. You can start them immediately, but I want to see you back in two weeks.”

Whenever Dolly begins to argue with Mandy, generally Mandy will be the first to walk away and try to get her mind on something else. She will read a book, listen to audio books, write something on the computer, listen to music, or watch TV. Lately, Mandy has been helping her mother, Molly, move her boxes around, so she can go through them and get rid of more junk.

Well, just recently Mandy found out that her mother hasn’t been sleeping well, which makes her very grumpy toward Mandy every day. Kyle is Mandy’s husband and he is the only person besides Mandy, who will help Dolly with things she wants done. However, if Kyle fixes something like a wall, Dolly’s wheelchair puts holes all in it.

Mandy and Kyle gave up everything they owned, in order to come save the house from the City of Jacksonville, Florida. Now, Mandy finds herself daily wondering, why she came back to save the house and keep her mother in it. She knows that her mother is going to hoard stuff, but Mandy cannot stand tripping over her mother’s stuff.

To put it plain and simple, Dolly has probably over fifty or more boxes stack up full of a bunch of stuff the needs to be thrown away. However, Kyle and Mandy have slowly cleaned out each room with her boxes in it and made it rooms that they can all use. Now, Dolly has moved to a living room and her boxes, what with her, so far as she is made of dent in cleaning the boxes out.

Mandy and Kyle believes that she is an unappreciative, dictator, bully, and very disrespectful to them. Furthermore, Mandy will always love her mother, but she prays everyday that her mother will have a better her attitude toward her. Therefore, maybe kindness and love from Mandy and Kyle, Dolly will grow out of what she’s learned from her own parents and she will learn to de-clutter her own life.

(2014, Crystal S. Kauffman)

Touched by Cancer Again

I want to tell you about my beloved Uncle Chris, who is the only uncle that I have ever known throughout my life. He helped take care of me and my twin brother Thomas, as we grew into young children. 

To me, he is and always will be my favorite person, to hang out with and talk too. He used to be a local race car driver, even though he lost his left leg at fifteen due to a drunk driver.

As an adult, he has taught me many things, which I will remember for the rest of my life and I will pass on to my children. Unfortunately, about two weeks ago, he went to the emergency room because he couldn't breathe. After several tests, the doctor found several masses on his lungs and the doctor informed him that it may be cancer.

After getting out of the hospital, he was able to get into a clinic that has helped him to locate the resources that he needed to get the treatment he needed. However, he went back to the hospital and went to the emergency room because he couldn't breathe again. This time they kept him as a patient and he had some biopsies done, which came back stating that he has stage 4 lung cancer.

He will start chemotherapy tomorrow, but the long-term outlook is not good and we have no idea how long we will have with him. So, I am making the most out of the time I have with him and making as many memories as I can. Additionally, I am asking all who read my blogs to please pray for him, his family, friends, and my family.

Honestly, I love him so much and I am asking God to heal him, in whatever way he feels is necessary. His mother and father (my grandparents) have already passed away and are in heaven. They will both be there to welcome him with open arms, once his journey on this earth is done and God calls him home.   

Friday, March 14, 2014

Getting Your Business Noticed

Another neat way to advertise; is to plan a grand opening party at your company and invite as many people as you can. Check into promoting on your local radio station or local TV station of about your grand opening. You can serve food and refreshments, while using a promotion that can help families like giving out child identification kits. These special kits can usually be found at the local sheriff’s office or in city hall. This type of promotion can benefit your business and the community’s safety, as well as give parents a peace of mind.
Depend on word of mouth advertising, by friends and customers that you have already serve with respect and honesty. Ultimately, your happy customers will end up bringing the most business to your company and your product. Therefore, always find a way to reward your customers that help advertise, by referring their friends and family. Give them a discount for each friend and family, which they bring to your business.

Also, try to leave flyers and brochures, in certain places where you believe that people will see it. You could try passing out your business cards and flyers, whenever you meet new people daily. Additionally, began social networking on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social networking sites. Advertising is hard work but once you start getting steady stream of customers, you will find that your efforts have paid off.