Saturday, May 31, 2014


Pre-screening will be held at Park City Ministries on the…

June 5th, 2014 @ 3pm to 8pm  


June 7th, 2014 @ 9 am to 5pm

Park City Ministries is located at 5811 LeSabre RD. 

The Dental Van will be here on July 7-11, 2014 

Starting at 8 am. Call Dr. Wayne Rowbottom 904-554-7890



Friday, May 23, 2014

Thank You Letter From LiveStrong

This is a thank you letter from, who helps us by sending wristband s for the patients.This letter is a thank you for how we have been  are blessing new patients. Thanks to all to my donors and volunteers for making this project possible. You know who you are! Our next Giveaway is in December, so I look forward to having everyone do something small to bless the new patients who are scared.Thank you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wings of Hope Project - December 2014- Give Away

We successfully completed our Wings of Hope Project for March 27, 2014 give away, which consisted of 12 gift bags full of items that will be given to new patients at Shands Infusion Center for Women. We made up a nurses bag and threw some extra stuff in it, so the nurses can give them away to new patients. However, we need your help to continue the project and help us get ready for our next give away in December 2014. Let's try to get more than 12 gift bags for our next planned visit.

We do as two times in year: April and December. This way, we can reach as many patients as we can during each year. We pick out local cancer clinics or nursing homes to bless with our donated gifts. Please take a moment to look around your house and see if you may have some of the items that we need, in order to make this project a success. Each time we visit them, the nurses are happy to see us because they do not have items give out to the patients at this time due to hospital rules.

Ask your church, school, groups, clubs, or organizations to get involved and help us to continue to bless many patients with these gifts of love. For December’s give away, we will need at least 50 gift bags for men and women. We will also need 1 large gift bag for the nurses, so feel free to donate what you can.

Items we will need:

Small gifts
Gifts bags- medium 30
Thinking of you cards
Blankets- fleece throw
Bookmarks- homemade or bought
Non profits- organizations wristbands- prostate, cervical, ovarian
Anything that will cheer up a patient, men and women.
Every new patient will get a bag until they run out.
No candy!!!

Together we can make a difference!

Send items to:
Laugh at Cancer Support Community
c/o Crystal s. Kauffman
7192 Park City Dr.
Jacksonville, Florida, 32244


If you send a donation of any kind.

Come on lets make a patient feel they are cared about and loved.

Donate Books for Cancer Patients

Do you have different books lying around your house, which are in good condition that you would like to give away? Currently, the Laugh at Cancer Support Community is collecting gently used books for our gift bags that we will be giving out in December 2014. These books will be given to men and women, so we ask that you send all types of books like action-adventure or romance. Due to the clinic we are working with requests, no self-help books or books about fighting cancer.

These books are meant to get the readers mind off of the treatment, while allowing their imagination to run wild. We will also need all kind of bookmarks with positive quotes, whether store bought or handmade. Additionally, we would like for our gift bags to have Bibles in them for each patient and some witnessing booklets. Maybe, a church or company can help us make this happen, but for now it is in God’s hands.

I pray that we can cheer up some patients this upcoming Christmas season. Just a quick reminder, that the yearly “Wings of Hope Project” has been changed, from three times a year to two times a year. We will have a giveaway around April 15th and December 15th of each year, because this makes it easier to collect the gift donations we need, in order to make our “New Patient Packages”. We will be working on collecting 50 bags that will be given to men and women, who have been newly diagnosed.

This way they know that there is a network of people out here that cares about what they are going through. If you can help us gather the items we need, please contact me by email ( and I will give you the information you need like an address and phone number. Thank you for taking the time to think of others, who are fighting for their livesand remember to say a prayer for them.

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Family’s Struggle with Hoarding (Chapter 7)

Today, Dolly brought home new stuff from the neighbors like: cabinets, trinkets, and lots of Christmas stuff. Mandy washed the laundry and straightened up her half of the house, as she always does during the day. The kitchen was piled with boxes and Dolly’s room was piled up with boxes too, but Mandy tried to just ignore the boxes and do what she could to straighten up the main areas of the house. However, she couldn’t put dishes away that Dolly had washed, because all the boxes were in the way.

That night, Mandy and her husband Kyle stayed up to watch over Dolly, because she was twitching and jerking involuntarily. Mandy knew immediately, something was wrong, but she had an appointment with her doctor that morning. So, Mandy and her husband tried to keep her mother in her motorized wheelchair all morning long. Suddenly, she began displaying signs of an infection or an accidental pain medicine overdose which freaked Mandy out.   

Mandy called the ambulance that usually transports her mother to the hospital and she explained what she had witnessed. The ambulance drivers decided to test for a possible drug overdose and after sticking her mother Dolly with an IV and administering a narcotic reversal agent. Dolly became alert and the ambulance drivers stated that she had accidentally taken too much pain medicine. She was transported to the nearest hospital and the doctors there discovered that she also had a urinary tract infection.

During the time that Dolly was at the hospital, a lady showed up, who was with Adult Protective Services and she requested that Mandy and her husband Kyle began cleaning out the kitchen. She also advised us that Dolly needed to clean her own room, once she was able to home from the hospital. Basically, Mandy’s husband Kyle had to get rid of the garbage and the rest was put in the storage room. Mandy could only help with the small stuff, due to her own disability from her cancer treatment 11 years ago.

Mandy decided to call her mother’s doctor and report that she was in the emergency room, plus Mandy decided to tell her this is the third accidental overdose. Dolly’s doctor was unaware of the facts, but stated she would handle it from here by lowering her dose. Additionally, she asked Mandy if she would manage her medications, once she got out of the hospital. Mandy hesitated and then she agreed to manage her medicines for her.

Since, the day Dolly came home, she has been less argumentative with Mandy and Kyle, which is an answered prayer. She is slowly cleaning at her room and that is frustrating, because it has to be done or Mandy and Kyle will have to clean it up as well. Mandy created a notebook or logbook where she writes down and accounts for every medication that she gives her mother. She also has been trying to give her mother freedom, yet prays she will see how her mistakes affect other people like: Mandy and Kyle.

(©2014, Crystal S. Kauffman)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Introducing Me

This is video about me and how I can help you with your marketing skills. Come by take a look and subscribe to my channel to see more videos. I love comments, so please leave one!