Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another Must Read: Mustang Summer: A Novel

Another awesome book from Carol Culver Rzadkiewicz 

I just finished reading this novel and I highly recommend it to my fans and avid readers like me. This novel is one you cannot sit down, once you have begun reading it. Great Job Mrs. Carol!

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Here is a summary from the author herself:

After three failed marriages, Ramona Raven is determined never to fall in love again and to find redemption from a lifetime of allowing men to control her destiny. So, in keeping with her Cherokee beliefs, when she dreams of a wild gray stallion, Ramona interprets the dream as a message from the Country of the Spirits. The horse is the key to her salvation. She must find the animal and bring him back to Georgia, the land that contains "the scenes of her childhood and the graves of her fathers." Yet, in order to find the horse, Ramona realizes that she is going to need help.

Help arrives in the form of Austin Cahill from Paradise, Texas. A tall, lanky cowboy, with the bluest eyes Ramona has ever seen, and former All-American Rodeo Bronc Rider, Austin is now a middle-aged drifter. Having lost his wife and child in a terrible accident, he is determined to settle down, although he's failed in the past, and to put to rest memories of the Huntsville Prison Rodeo and the crazy stallion that destroyed the only thing he had left--his ability to ride any horse breathing.

Accompanying Austin is "his daughter," Killian Russell. Deserted by her own father when she was a child, Killian has run away from an abusive, alcoholic mother, and although learning disabled, Killian is yet smarter than most people when it comes to the ways of the world, so when Austin offers her refuge, she sees it as the opportunity to escape the past and to finally have the idyllic life of which she's always dreamed of.

When Austin accepts Ramona's offer of employment, the three of them embark upon an adventure-laden journey that will take them from the rolling hills of Georgia to the sun-blasted landscape of northern Utah. Yet little do they know that this one fateful summer will change their lives forever, for in the days to come they will learn to trust, to love, and to believe in the unbelievable.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

KELTOR : Book 1 in the Guardian Archives Series....By, Jennifer Sage

Written By, 
Jennifer Sage 
To My Fans, here is an author you must read!!18 and older only! Get this book from:
Keltor is a Guardian of the light even though he exists nearly in Shadow, haunted by his past.

His world, the world of the Guardians, is a dark reality that coexists in modern day with ours.

Behind the warm veils of our lives a war rages against the Shadow Demons and the Guardians protect as much of humanity as they can, still believing in us as a race.

There is one person alive, a Keeper, who has within her the power to tilt the scales one way or another in this war. With the ability to damn the Light or the Dark and no knowledge of how to she is supposed to do either, Liz is nearly a helpless pawn. A pawn that is about to find herself completely powerless against a force greater than she has ever known.

A Guardian who lost his heart centuries ago. A female who has never really known her own. Laws that prevent them from ever finding solace in the other. Far different laws that prevent them from turning away.
A choice must be made and it’s one that could bring the most vile of Demons back from the seven hells. The Guardians are among us…and this one is forbidden fruit.

Visit her website at

PS: My Reading fans....This is must read along with the rest of her work. You will not be able to put it down. This book is meant for 18 and older, who love Fantasy type genres..