Friday, October 17, 2014

Time to Have that Talk with Your Doctor!!!

My Experience

As a cancer survivor of stage 2B cervical cancer, I have several medical conditions including type 2 diabetes. Since I was diagnosed, I have learned how important it is to take your medicine as prescribed. I am currently taking two types of medications in pill form and two types of insulin. One type of insulin, I take every time I eat something and the other I take before bedtime. Unfortunately, I have struggled in keeping my numbers down to the correct target range.

Therefore, I will be seeing an Endocrinologist or diabetes specialist, as well as learning what I can and cannot eat. I know that more exercise and portion control will help me lower my sugar level. Sometimes, I will feel shaky and sweaty, if my sugar is too low or too high. I usually test my sugar and act according to whatever my results are at the time. My other medicines make me sleepy, so I tend to take a nap every day.

Once I was given insulin, I placed a note on my mini-refrigerator to remind myself to take all of my medications. Additionally, I set alarms on my cell phone to remind me when to eat and take my insulin. However, this month, I plan to discuss all of my medications with my doctor and see if I am still on the right medications to help me. Whenever, I am worried about my health, I visit or I call my doctor right away.

Advice for Diabetics

A type 1 or type 2 diabetic will have many questions for the doctor, so be sure to write down any questions that come to your mind. Take the list of questions to the doctor with you, but remember to write down side effects you may feel from your medications. Then, make a request for your doctor to send you to a nutritionist. The nutritionist can help you learn portion sizes and ways to avoid temptations that you will have each day.

Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits that you may experience with the medication, which has been prescribed to you. Make sure that you fully understand what your doctor is saying to you and ask about any drug reactions. Ask about drug reactions with over-the-counter medicines as well, like cough syrup or headache pills. This way, you avoid any unwanted reactions that can make you very sick or even kill you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Want Free E-Books? Then, Listen Up!

Do you like reading different kinds of e-books? Do you have a Kindle application on your computer, tablet, or smart-phone? If so, you are going to love this blog post! There are many ways to obtain free Kindle e-books, by independent authors. 

Personally, I love reading the free e-books by these talented individuals. In addition, you can meet them on Facebook or other social networking sites and give them an HONEST REVIEW of their book. They love hearing from their fans, so with that said, take a moment to review their e-book on Kindle as well. This way other readers may decide to read the author’s e-book based on your opinion.   

These talented authors may be looking to make their own mark in this fast-paced, yet exciting career. Their e-books can catch a reader’s attention, which can help their career explode into a best-selling novel. However, a poorly written book can end or break their new career. As a reader, you are able to let the author know your opinion of the story they have written.

Be gentle though, because some author’s work on their novel for many years and feel deeply connected to the characters. Once they independently publish their masterpiece, they begin looking for readers. If you are already a fan, you can help them by placing their book information and link in to groups and on pages that allow this kind of posting.

Authors of any kind are thrilled to know that they have one fan or many fans. They look at it as their devoted fans are reading their work and falling in love with their characters. Most authors will run a promotion, in order to reach more potential fans. Sometimes, their e-book will be free or offered for a reduced price. Therefore, take advantage of these deals and discover a new author today, which may become your favorite author.

Here are three pages or groups on Facebook to get you started. Additionally, once you are on Facebook, use the search engine to search for free e-books or similar keywords.

1.     Free Kindle Books Daily-

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Monday, October 6, 2014


This morning was lonely when I woke up, because Bella’s parents come to pick her up Saturday morning. After eight months of being her foster mom, I got used to the way that she talked to me each morning as I head to the bathroom. She would bark or howl to get my attention, but as soon as I said, “Good morning, Bella Girl!”

She would go nuts rubbing her face on my legs and wait for me to love on her. I admit, at first I was against fostering her while her parents got settled. But, with each passing day, week, and month…I began falling in love with her. One day, my girlfriend Laura brought up some temporary hair chalk a few months back and I gave Bella a purple mohawk. However, before I could get the picture, she rubbed up against me and the hairdo didn’t stay up.

Bella, I had no idea how attached I became to you, during the time that I helped my mom care for you. Furthermore, Monkey misses you too, because you became his surrogate mother, once I brought him home at eight weeks old. Now, who is going to protect him from Grumpy Ol’ Gizmo?

I am so glad you are home with your mom and dad, but this house is not the same without you. I miss your special way of talking to me and everyone. I will cherish every memory that we have made together and you will always have a special spot inside my heart. I do hope to see you again soon!