Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jennifer Sage has Done it Again with Dante-Part One (The Guardian Archives Series)

Jennifer Sage has Done it Again with Dante-Part One!!! (The Guardian Archives Series)
This epic paranormal/fantasy romance written by, Jennifer Sage an independent author who is setting this genre on fire with her series called The Guardian Archives. The first of this series: is Keltor, the newly released Ratha: The Magic Within (a novella), and the newly released Dante- Part One. Each of these novels or novella could stand alone, however they are meant to be read in a certain sequence due to the stories evolving with each book.

In Dante-Part One, we meet the second to the oldest Guardian and he is an immortal as well. However, he has spent a thousand years fighting demons and other bad things that could harm humanity, but he really could care less about the human race. Dante only loves himself, finer things in life, and creating art. He loves his family, protecting those he loves, and killing demons who threaten to end his way of life. He is in Rome, Italy and is he thought to be quite a ladies’ man, which is far from the truth.

However, one day while visiting the art supply store he owns, he met Gio or Giovanna. Somehow, she changes everything for Dante, but she is still a mystery to him. Suddenly, he wanted to spend all his time with her because she completely intrigued him. His brothers find a new demonic threat stirring, while Dante and Gio are sizzling with passion. Unfortunately, Dante and Gio were headed down a dangerous path that would threaten to tear them apart.

Dante-Part Two (The Guardian Archives) Series will heat up once again and we will learn the fate of Dante and Giovanna. Will they reignite their intense passion for one another or will they be forced to stay apart?

Jennifer Sage’s worlds are so real that it feels as if you are living within these worlds, so take a moment to read her series. I promise you will love this paranormal/fantasy romance and you will not be able to put it down. This series is meant for individuals, who are 18 and older only!

Please take a moment to look up Jennifer Sage’s Author Profile on Facebook, Amazon Kindle, and she is on GoodReads as well. Leave a review for her, if you read her book and let her know Crystal S. Kauffman sent you!

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Thank you for reading my review of Dante-Part One!

Be sure to read the entire series starting with Keltor!

 Author Jennifer Sage

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A True Mother's Love

A mother’s love is enduring
A mother’s love is unconditional
A mother’s love is kind
A mother’s love is gentle
A mother’s love is protective
A mother’s love is patient
A mother’s love is joyous
A mother’s love is humble
A mother’s love is confident
A mother’s love is a blessing
A mother’s love is comforting
A mother’s love is peaceful
A mother’s love is respectful
A mother’s love is fair
A mother’s love is everlasting

A mother’s love is not prideful
A mother’s love is not selfish
A mother’s love is non-judgmental
A mother’s love is not jealous
A mother’s love is not envious
A mother’s love is not spiteful
A mother’s love is not critical
A mother’s love is not angry
A mother’s love is not greedy
A mother’s love is not wrathful
A mother’s love is not hurtful
A mother’s love is not devastating
A mother’s love is not ridicule
A mother’s love is not divided

 By, Crystal S. Kauffman


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wings of Hope Project- Dec. 2014

Wings of Hope Project has started on November 1st, 2014. We will be giving out patient bags to the Shands Infusion Center for Women in Jacksonville, FL. After they are told they have cancer, the patients will receive one of our bags that will let them know that there is some out there that cares about them. Our goal is to make up 20 bags, so please take a moment and help us make someone day a little brighter.

We need small gifts:

Figurines (Angels are a big hit)
Homemade Bracelets
Small Bibles
Bookmarks (Positive Saying)
Journal or Diaries 
Stickers (positive stuff)
Small Day Calendar ( keep track of appointments for 2015)

Can you help us?
We will be giving them out the week before Christmas.
Thank you! 
Please email me for more

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dante- Part 1 is Finally Published!


This weekend only, to celebrate the long awaited release of Dante-Part 1, there is a sale on the entire series. All books are stand alone PNR with the exception of Dante as the story was too big to put out in one book. Dante- Part 2 is quickly following, don’t worry! (Part 1 is 140K words, roughly 400 pages) Even though they are stand alone, they should be read in order so you will understand the worlds that the author has created.

 <Angels, Demons, and Romance that will heat up your Kindle!>

Happy Reading Vixens!!!!!

Keltor should be read first, then Ratha- The Magic Within, and then Dante-Part 1. So, with that said, get your copy today and be sure to tell a friend. Indie Author Jennifer Sage has created wonderful worlds and characters in the Guardian Archives series that will come alive as your reading this sexy yet sensual book. Enjoy watching the soul stirring romances evolve between the characters, as each world builds in your imagination. This not your average paranormal romance, instead you will find that this book is different from any other book in this genre.

(WARNING: Mature audiences only!!!!! (18 and older only.)

Thank you for allowing me to share my favorite author Jennifer Sage with you!