Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Memories: Random Acts Of Kindness

When asked what my favorite Christmas memory might be..The answer might astonish a few…

By, Suzie See- Guest Blogger

I was just shy of my 16th birthday and it was two days before Christmas, when fire raged through my family home and burned everything we owned -- including the Christmas tree and gifts. Now this may seem horrible for most as far as a memory, but waking up Christmas morning to the realization that material things can be replaced, but your family cannot be, is a lesson I will treasure for eternity. We were safe and alive!

On that Christmas morning, the article of the fire ran in the local paper and the doorbell to the friends home we were staying at began to ring - NONSTOP. Complete strangers were taking time away from their own holiday to bring clothing, food and even wrapped presents to me and my sisters.

A fond memory of this time was the private joke my sisters and I shared. Even back then, fashion was important to teens and we would tease one another and ask "where'd you get that shirt. Where'd you get those darling shoes". The pun was - we had no idea! Someone out of the goodness of their hearts gave us the clothing we wore, because we had lost everything. The fire raged in the middle of the night while we were sleeping.

 My sister escaped with a blanket wrapped around her. To have someone bring a pair of shoes was beyond my imagination, but folks did! I think this is why Random Acts of Kindness are so important to me. Because of these events, I do my best to honor those who opened their hearts to my family by doing my own small, random act of kindness.

Every Thanksgiving, I buy dozens upon dozens of roses and I then drive all over my neighborhood and give a single rose to anyone who had to work the holiday as opposed to being able to spend it with family. When I first started this years ago, there weren't that many places open. So many places are open now that my roses don't last as long as I would like, but I give as many as I can!

Squeeze your family and friends a little tighter this year. As one of my "family" members said this year, it's not about presents, but presence of family/friends together that counts.

Friday, December 5, 2014

I Am Watching You Mom and Dad!

I am watching you tear our city apart,
While, I pray for God to heal my broken heart.
Stop…You are burning down our favorite places to eat,
However, the news calls it “Protesting in the Streets.”
Fighting with police officers and destroying our town,
Will it find any justice for this “boy” named Michael Brown?
You told me that you are protesting to be treated fair,
Now, I see that you committing crimes against our town out there.
How can you call this a peaceful protest with all the violence today?
I am watching everyone, make extremely bad choices all along the way.
© 2014, Crystal S. Kauffman
PS: I support the fight for Civil Rights, but I do not support violence and criminal behavior. I decided to write a poem in the perspective seen by children, who are watching this happen all around them. Some are to young to understand what is happening and are being drug out to these protests. I have seen pictures in the media of young children on adults shoulders. while other adults are in heated exchanges with police officers. I think children should be at home with a sitter, if the parent wants to be part of the protest.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

An Urgent Plea: To Help One of My Closest Friends Lay Her Eldest Son to Rest. PLEASE READ!!!

My close friend since grade school, Jennifer Lunsford Bryan, lost her eldest son Anthony "Tony" Woods Jr. yesterday on 12/03/2014. She and I grew up together in the same neighborhood and had many of the same friends, as we grew up. I am asking for my friends and fans to help her in any way they can to help her lay her son to rest.  

Tony Jr. was an adult, so Jennifer did not have any life insurance coverage on him anymore. Honestly, Jennifer is a hard-working Dental Assistant and her Husband Charles, is a cable man who works very hard to support his growing family. Jennifer has several younger children and one on the way, which is a little boy and he is due this month or next. Tony Jr. leaves behind a full-blooded brother named Chris Woods. Furthermore, he leaves behind several half-siblings that will miss him very much.

Jennifer IS NOT asking for a handout, just enough help to lay Tony to rest or cremate him. Jennifer is requesting that you send only a small donation of $1 or $5, instead of flowers or cards at this time so they can use the donations to lay Tony to rest. Additionally, Jennifer is asking for time to grieve and she will reach out, whenever she is ready to do so.  

Funeral arrangements will be announced once they have be organized, but until the please keep this entire family Jennifer’s Family and Tony Wood’s Sr. family in your prayer, because they have suffered a significant loss. This was Jennifer’s and Tony’s Sr. eldest son, who may be gone but he shall never be forgotten. If you can help the family in any way, please PM or email me for any questions that you may have. I am in direct contact with Jennifer and can give you a timely answer.

As soon as the donation account has been made at a bank, I will edit and post the information here.

We all love you Jennifer and family! 

My Family's Homemade Christmas

Papa and I were heading home from the auto parts store, as I stared out the window of the car. The radio spoke of a blizzard up north, which had crippled an entire community. This seemed unusual to me, since I lived in Florida where it never snowed. The houses we passed seemed to have something that we didn't. However, my grandfather didn't seem to notice. Instead, he thought of it as another day, where one must work to earn a dollar or two just to survive.

I felt confused by the lack of Christmas spirit in my home. Nevertheless, I knew that my family didn't make a big fuss over the holidays, since I was a young girl. Yet, it began bothering me that no one spent time setting up a Christmas tree or adding decorations to it. So, as we pulled in the driveway, the house seemed cold and dreary. However, I noticed a nativity in the neighbor's yard, which seemed comforting in a strange sort of way.

I smiled at grandma, as we passed through the kitchen and headed towards the backdoor. In the backyard, I found my two brothers playing on grandpa's rusty old yellow lawn mower. It had been broken down for years, yet they were pretending to race. I always knew that my grandfather was a man of a few words, except when he was mad. However, he gave his heart to anyone that needed help and I liked that about him.

After, making it to the garage, we began working on the old red race car. I noticed that our neighbors were greeting their family members as they arrived. Suddenly, I began hoping my own family would start celebrating the holidays, since I was 13. Additionally, I wondered why my grandma didn't invite the rest of the family to visit over Christmas. Finally, I decided to ask my granddad, but I was a little nervous to ask at first.

"Why don't we celebrate Christmas?" I asked nervously.

He answered, "It's just another day Christy! You'll figure that out when you get older. I couldn't afford the decorations and presents."

"Would you celebrate...if you could?"

"I am not sure, because I never have celebrated the holidays. My parents weren't unable to afford decorations and presents. "

I could see the sadness rising in his eyes, which made me feel bad for bringing up the subject. Nevertheless, I got quiet and began thinking of what other families had that we were lacking. Suddenly, I felt even worse that he had never experienced Christmas, not even as a young boy. For years, he was forced to watch others celebrate the holidays, as he worked hard to help his family survive.

On Christmas Eve, I began wondering what life would be like if my family did celebrate the holidays. My brothers watched, "

Santa Clause is Coming to Town", while I searched through my Bible for the story about baby Jesus. I knew it would be an inspiring story to read to my grandpa, because baby Jesus' was poor too. However, I couldn't find it and I fell asleep sitting in grandma's recliner.

Early the next morning, I woke before anyone else and began making a small Christmas tree from an old one I found. After hanging the different ornaments on the tree, I taped a banner and notes on the wall behind the tree. In addition, I placed my dolls next to the tree and taped the different colored ornaments to the wall also. Suddenly, I saw grandma's camera and I snapped a picture of my Christmas surprise.

I made my way to the kitchen, where I found some candy canes, chocolate bars, and mixed nuts to fill the decorated socks I borrowed to make a stockings. Immediately, I began feeling excited, so I ran to my room and began looking for presents that I could wrap for everyone. Soon, I heard my grandfather stirring in his bed, so I found items to wrap. I found many different things lying around my room and I wrapped them in old newspaper.

For my little brother I found a little a red and white kazoo. I also found a toy sword that I gave to my little brother. In addition, I wrapped a toy roller coaster and Kermit the Frog dressed in a Santa's suit, for twin brother. I kept digging through my room, until I found more presents to wrap and give to the rest of my family. However, there was one thing that I forgot, so I tip-toed to the kitchen and called my uncle to join us for our first Christmas dinner together.

Thankfully, my uncle agreed to visit and bring his family, in order to help me surprise the family. I decided to finish decorating the house with my homemade decorations and written pages. However, I decided to stop and look for the story about baby Jesus one again.

In about an hour, I could hear everyone waking up with excitement and instantly I became nervous. As grandfather stood staring at what I had done to the living room. I saw a smile consumed his face, so I handed him two presents. He began opening the gifts I gave him with a sense of excitement and surprise. This made me feel, like I was able to give my grandpa something, which he had never experienced before.

"Merry Christmas, Papa!" I said with excitement.

"You shouldn't have done this."He replied.

"I wanted too!"

"Thank you!"

Later on that morning, my uncle surprised my family with a gingerbread house and some eggnog to share. After dinner, my grandmother told me where to find the story of baby Jesus in the Bible. I read it aloud to my family, just before bed. As, I headed to bed, I noticed my grandparents were kissing under the mistletoe that my aunt brought with her. As I laid down that night, I realized that this homemade Christmas was more special to me, than any I could have ever dreamed of.

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