Sunday, March 29, 2015

Get Over It and Move On

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation that you don’t want to be in, however, you must face the situation and continue moving forward. The situation may concern having a horrible childhood, not getting a promotion at work, or a dispute with the new neighbor. Nevertheless, you must not dwell on things and are beyond your control, instead focus on things you can change. You cannot change a childhood, so you must forgive your parents and focus on changing your future. This way, future generations will not continue the abuse or neglect that you felt as a child.

The promotion at work was given to a younger person, who may not have had as many years with the company as you have. However, this is beyond your control and the person who got the promotion may have a college degree that you don’t have. In this situation, you must continue to do the job that you’re given or find another place of employment. Either way, you must forgive your boss and the person who got the promotion, if you have gotten angry about the situation or angry with both parties.

Furthermore, you can work hard and take some college courses, which may guarantee that you will not be passed over whenever the next promotion takes place. If you have a dispute with your new neighbor, you must try to dissolve this dispute in a civil yet timely manner. Unfortunately, some people are impossible to deal with and that will not come to any kind of compromise. So therefore, try to stop the argument, by producing all documents that show your land line or what the argument was about. Additionally, you must forgive you neighbor and move forward in solving the issue at hand.

Sometimes this means, you must compromise or even seek legal advice on solving the problem. However, you must forgive your neighbor, if you get angry with him and let God handle the situation. Don’t let yourself stay in a pity party, instead get up and change your situation. Sometimes you are going to come across situations that you can’t change. Therefore, you must learn to pray and give your problems to God, because he is only one who can change the situation. Don’t be a negative person, because of something that was done to you, which was beyond your control. Additionally, get over it and dwell on things that can change your situation, while helping you move forward in your life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Clumsy Dancer

Life is like a flower growing wild, Dancing in the rain like a child.Emotions stir as the heart awakes, Wondering if I have made a mistake?

The flower snaps in the summer breeze, Like a horse with broken knees.My soul is wounded beyond repair, There is nothing to here, not even a flare.
The past has stolen my innocence away, As a clumsy dancer, I continue to sway.Stumbling through life without a light, Holding on to what I feel is right.
Struggling to let my soul free, I just want to be me!

©Crystal S. Kauffman, 2008/Previously Published.

Never Shampoo Your Hair Again?

A friend of mine gave me a three month supply of WEN Cleansing Conditioner , by Chaz Dean. She gave this to me as a gift about three weeks ago. I tried it the product that night and I was absolutely shocked at how well this product worked. My hair looked and felt healthier than it has in years. I always preferred Herbal Essence or Pantene, as shampoo and conditioner.

However, my hair would become frizzy, immediately after it dried naturally or towel dried. I rarely ever use styling tools on my hair, such as a blow dryer or curling iron. I usually color my hair about three times a year, but sometimes more when my grey hairs begin surrounding my face. I visit the hair salon about two times a year, for a trim and long layers.

My hair is extremely thick, dry, color-treated, and full of ringlet type curls. After getting my hair cut, I always buy products that are supposed to stop my hair from frizzing and tangling. Plus, I buy products that will bring out my curls and they just never work. All these expensive (to me) professional anti-frizz products and my hair was still unmanageable every day.

I used WEN Cleansing Conditioner: my hair color was vibrant and my hair was soft from the very first use. My hair is easy to comb through and my curls stand out now. My hair was not greasy or oily feeling like I thought it would be, which surprised me. Most of the hair products I have left my hair feeling oily and stiff.

I feel blessed that my friend gave this product, because of how my hair feels now. I can say that I love my hair now, which is something I would never say before using WEN.  I promise that if you try this product, you will love the way it makes your hair feel and how easy it is to style. I have washed my mom’s hair and her friend’s hair in WEN.

They both loved the affects it had on their hair as well, because their hair was unmanageable like mine. I thought my hair would stick, but husband says it smells good. If you get a bottle of WEN for yourself, be sure to use it sparingly or it will feel greasy or oily. Follow the directions for the best way to apply to your individual hair type. Check this product out for yourself, because you will not regret it! This is my experience with WEN, so this is not an advertisement.

Thank for reading!

Respectfully yours,

Crystal S. Kauffman

Friday, March 20, 2015

Writing: Creating the Perfect Writing Space

Tips for Creating Your Own Writing Space

First, you will need the basics, like a desk or table, a comfortable chair, a decent reading lamp, and a computer with a word processing program. Make sure that you have enough space to work in, since you will be taking notes. Look for a cup to keep pencils and pens in, so you will not have to waste time looking for something to write with. Always keep a pencil sharpener and paper clips on your new desk, because you will use them daily when you work.

Setting Up   

Second, you will need to leave room for a filing cabinet or some file boxes, so you can keep track of what you are submitting and receiving.  Pick out a special place to keep your references books, your important files, monthly earnings, and important tax information.  As you pursue your freelance writing career, you will find that your career can stay on track…if you stay organized! Never keep all your files on the computer’s hard drive, unless you back up your information on a CD or floppy disk. 

Getting Prepared     

Third, be sure to keep a dictionary and a reference set nearby, so you can look up any information that you may need. In addition, you will need to look for an internet company that can suits your individual needs and budget. Then, you can sign up and begin researching the internet or the “Information Highway” for facts to include in your article or story. Therefore, you will need to create a multi-purpose writing space, which is able to inspire you and handle your daily needs.          

Create a Habit

Finally, you will need to establish a daily writing schedule, but you must pick a time that your creative muse will be readily available. Start, by setting some ground rules about you new writing space with your family and friends. Ask each member to refrain from disturbing you, during your official writing time, and turn your phone’s ringer off. Post your designated writing schedule on the refrigerator door or leave a note on the family message board.
Find your Space
Choosing your own writing space, can be as simple as rearranging some furniture in your bedroom or in quiet space. However, if you have no extra space for setting up a small office, then you may consider remodeling an extra bathroom or adding a small room. Either way, you should choose a place that is away from all of the household distractions. Then, you can allow your creative juices flow, as you concentrate on creating a daily writing habit. 
Everyone will learn to respect your writing schedule and be supportive of your freelance career. However, there will be things that interfere with your writing schedule, but you try to rearrange you schedule for that day or week. This way, you will not lose precious time that is required to complete your writing projects. Furthermore, you can adjust your writing space as you see fit, once your career begins to grow.   

Previously Published on Yahoo Voices.

© Crystal S. Kauffman, 2009