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Communication Builds Success in Business

As a new business owner, communication with existing and potential customers is important to the businesses bottom line. Every customer is important and should be treated that way, because they keep a business running. Staying in contact will also help the owner develop friendships, which keep the customers coming back and the business growing. Thanks to new technology, many ways exists to keep in contact with a loyal customer or attract new ones.

Friendly Emails

A business owner can send a friendly email, in order to update a customer or let them know that the business owner cares about their business. Currently, many types of email marketing software are available for anyone to use and they have many features. Unfortunately, the owner must shop around, because he or she must choose the best software for their individual company. In addition, whatever program you choose should allow the customer to opt-out of receiving the emails.

Monthly Newsletters

A newsletter can be sent monthly, in order to update the customer about special sales or discounts on each product. The owner should also include information and reviews about their new products, along with a picture of the product. Another way to make the customer feel special is to offer coupons or discounts for the loyal subscribers. However, each newsletter should contain a picture of the business owner and offer a short message about him or her.

Phone Calls

An occasional phone call to a new or existing customer can build a business relationship and personal friendship. Fortunately, at the time of purchase, the business owner can ask for the customer's telephone number. After about a week, they can follow up with the customer and ask if they are still satisfied with their purchase. This way, the customers will feel important and keep coming back with their friends.

Greeting Cards

The perfect way to communicate with an existing customer is to send a greeting card, especially for you. This way, the customer knows that the business owner appreciates their loyalty. They can start sending greeting cards for birthdays and seasonal holidays. Also, enclose a coupon or discount certificate inside of the card, just for the customer and one for a friend. Then, the customer will feel like the business owner values his or her business and friendship.

Post Cards

These little cards are perfect reminders for appointments or updates for your customers. In fact, they can be used for many other reasons too, which will help the business owner. In addition, the business owner will develop a line of communication that will work to his or her advantage. Take a few moments to send a simple "Thank you" to a new customer and they will keep coming back. All customers enjoy knowing his or her business is appreciated.


To sum it up, friendly communications of all kinds will improve the business owner's relationship with the customer. A simple post card or greeting card can make a customer's day, while letting them know they are special to the business owner. A simple yet professional newsletter should be used to feature only the products on sale. Therefore, communication is the key to catching a customer's eye and keeping their business.

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