Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spending the Day With My Beautiful Daughter

Today, I finally got to see my beautiful daughter after weeks of not being able to go visit her. So, we celebrated Mother's Day this week. She gave me the best gifts ever! She has been collecting books from the author "John Grisham" for me for a few years now.

She made me a flower headband, which I actually love and we took pictures together. She works, so getting together can be hard at times. However, I enjoy getting to spend what time I can with her. Additionally, she gave me a candle which has the scent of sunshine.

Oh, it smells so good!

Next, she gave me a card that fit her to a tee, This time with her is special and I hope I can get her to squeeze me in when she can. However, I know she is busy, but even 15 or 30 minutes with her is so special to me.

Right before I left, she cooked me lunch and she gave me some vanilla exfoliating scrub that she made herself. I cannot wait to try it out and write a review about her new hobby.

She is so talented! I love her with all my being. She is an amazing young woman, who has any future that she chooses to follow. She may be busy working and more, but we communicate in many different ways. I know she loves me beyond words. I feel blessed to have seen her today. It truly made my day!

Take time to make memories with your family!

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