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Book Review: Heaven Is For Real By, Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

Heaven Is for Real
By, Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
Book Review- Heaven is for Real

Author: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

Is heaven for real? Colton Burpo says it is and he describes what he experienced in detail to his father. I watched the movie long before reading the book, but I must admit the book was so much better than the movie. For example, the movie showed the family's emotions, yet the book made you understand more about Colton’s, “out of body experience” and the book dives into the emotions that each family member felt, during this unbelievable time in the Burpo family’s life.

Colton was just three-years-old, when he was rushed to the nearest hospital after fighting a high fever for days. Immediately, Todd and Sonja Burpo learned their son needs an emergency appendectomy or he will lose his life. Sonja began calling all of her friends at church, while Todd went to the hospital’s chapel and began praying for his son Colton. Unfortunately, Todd got angry with God and begged him not to let his son die.

Meanwhile, Sonja called everyone she knew and explained what was going on with their young son.  She was devastated and so was Todd. After Colton’s recovery, he began talking about experiences that he had in heaven. He talked about angels singing to him, meeting Jesus and his rainbow horse, Todd Burpo grandfather “Pop”, and an older sister. He parent’s had had a miscarriage and Colton never knew about it, which seem to make his experience believable.

The Burpo Family
The Burpo’s deal with a dark time in their life, but through faith they seemed to overcome it. Their son made them face questions that many of us face in our daily lives. The family went through many trials during this period and their faith was shaken. However, the family chose to believe their son and have faith that God allowed Colton to see a glimpse of heaven. Colton never died during the surgery and there is no explanation on why this “out of body experience”, but Todd Burpo believes his son visited heaven. Colton believes he sat upon Jesus' lap while the angels sang to him

Todd Burpo is a pastor at Crossroads Wesleyan Church in Imperial, Nebraska. 

Todd and Colton Burpo

My Opinion About the Book

I really enjoyed reading this book and I felt that Colton’s experience was real to him, even if some people are skeptical. I would recommend reading this book and see heaven through the eyes of an innocent child. This family was in a dark time and their faith was tested in many different ways. Through it all, the family kept the faith and they began seeing heaven through the eyes of their toddler. I think this book will help renew your faith during dark times in your life. It is a must read for parents, teens, and is a New York Bestseller. 

This is a drawing of Jesus that was painted by Akaine Kramarik.
Colton Burpo said this was what Jesus looks like.

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