Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Toddler Friendly Vacation Ideas


Family vacation spots can be fun for older children, but most toddlers are too young to enjoy the actual vacation destination.  Most toddlers truly are satisfied with the simple things in life: like camping out, zoos, nature trails, and museums. Luckily, there are many inexpensive vacation choices, which a parent’s can put together for a toddler’s enjoyment. The vacation destination should include some fun for toddler and for the parent’s too.

Many toddlers love to go outside to explore nature, hold or pet animals, and find different types of bugs or animals. The parent could set up a camping trip and nature walk, in order to keep the toddler’s mind busy and learning new things. The parent’s can take pictures and create a notebook to write down the types of animals they find. When the film is developed the parent and toddle can affix the pictures to the proper page in the Nature Notebook.  

The zoo or a petting zoo is another place that a toddler will get excited about, especially if it is part of a family’s vacation plans. The toddler will get to see, touch, and look at all of the animals during their visit. The family can take pictures of each animal and help the toddler create an All About Animals Notebook. Additionally, the parent could look up facts on each animal and write it down for the toddler to learn from.

A vacation destination could include a beach, where the toddler could collect sea shells and rocks. The toddler will get excited every time they get a chance to show them off to other beach goers or their family. Many toddlers will be enthused by the water, but may not want to get it the water to swim due to fear. The parent can introduce them to the water by holding them or just build sandcastle together on the beach. Families should take picture of their fun together or buy a souvenir, but don’t forget the sunscreen.
When planning the vacation, families should try to find a destination that has a local museum or a recreational park. Local museums are always full of fun things that any family or any toddler would enjoy learning about. Recreational parks have fun playgrounds for families to enjoy and meet new the locals. Parents should remember to bring their favorite drinks and snacks; just in case to toddler becomes hungry or thirsty.

The parents of toddlers must choose to create a toddler friendly vacation, because a toddler will love a simple vacation destination. In addition, parents need to bring a few of the toddler’s comforts from home to help with their possible fear of the new place. During the planning stage, add in enough time for naps and keep a consistent bedtime schedule from home. Therefore, with a little extra planning, parent’s can plan a vacation to remember with a energetic toddler in tow.


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Monday, September 28, 2015

12 Unique Hybrid Animals

By, Crystal S.Kauffman, Staff Writer


I began wondering about how many hybrids actually exist in the world, after writing the article about the hybrid big cat named a Liger. I was completely amazed to see how many hybrids actually do exist thanks to modern technology. Most of these animals were created by man’s interference and the hybrids are generally sterile. I am compiling a list of different hybrid animals, which you can go take a moment to learn more about.

Here is list of beautiful hybrid animals I found:

Liger- Male Lion and female tiger or tigress

Tigon- Male tiger and Female lion or lioness

Leopon-Leopard male and female lion or lioness

Pumapard- Leopard and Puma (cougar)

Zonkey-Zebra and donkey

Zetland-Shetland Pony and Zebra

Zorse- Zebra male and Horse female

Grolar Bear-Grizzly bear and Polar bear

Wholphins- Bottle nose dolphins female and a false killer whale male  

Cama- Dromedary camel male and female llama

Beefalo- Domestic cow female and bull American Bison male

Wolfdog- Gray wolf and a dog (German shepherd, malamute, husky, and ECT…)

This is not a complete list of the world’s different hybrids, but it will get you started in learning more about these amazing creatures. I had no idea that any of these hybrids existed, until someone told me all about the biggest cat in the world…Hercules! This unique cat was called a Liger and I had to find out more about how he was created. During my research, I seen pictures of other unique hybrids that I just had to share with my readers.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Meet the Liger

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer


Until eight weeks ago, I had no idea what a liger was, until I read an article about this beautiful hybrid big cat that only thrives in captivity. According to A-Z Animals, a liger is the offspring of a male lion (Panther leo) and female tiger or tigress (Panther tigris), which is striped and can come in different colors like tan with black stripes. Additionally, the hybrid liger can also come out white with black stripes; however, the color depends on the color of the parents.

So far, ligers have not been found in the wild, because lions and tigers actually live in different areas of the world. According to A-Z Animals, these hybrid ligers are generally sterile and only a small number of these beautiful big cats can be found in different zoos. These hybrid big cats measure about 12ft. tall whenever they are standing on their hind legs. These amazing hybrid big cats are huge compared to it parents and generally is known is the world’s largest cat.

Mating in captivity can happen in two different ways, which can be completed by natural instincts and mating has been done by human intervention. According to A-Z Animals, the liger has the mom stripes and some have the father’s mane and generally takes after the father in look, but the liger’s mane doesn’t look like the majestic lion. Some male ligers may not even grow a mane. Every time a liger is born, it is anyone’s guess as to what he or she will look like once they are full grown 

One liger named, Hercules carries the world record in the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records for being biggest living liger in the world.  According to Huff Post, Hercules weighs 922lbs and 131 inches long, as well as 49 inches tall at the shoulders. He enjoys his home at the Myrtle Beach Safari Wildlife Preserve in South Carolina. As a liger, Hercules is an endangered species due to the small number of these hybrid cats in the world.


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