Monday, September 28, 2015

12 Unique Hybrid Animals

By, Crystal S.Kauffman, Staff Writer


I began wondering about how many hybrids actually exist in the world, after writing the article about the hybrid big cat named a Liger. I was completely amazed to see how many hybrids actually do exist thanks to modern technology. Most of these animals were created by man’s interference and the hybrids are generally sterile. I am compiling a list of different hybrid animals, which you can go take a moment to learn more about.

Here is list of beautiful hybrid animals I found:

Liger- Male Lion and female tiger or tigress

Tigon- Male tiger and Female lion or lioness

Leopon-Leopard male and female lion or lioness

Pumapard- Leopard and Puma (cougar)

Zonkey-Zebra and donkey

Zetland-Shetland Pony and Zebra

Zorse- Zebra male and Horse female

Grolar Bear-Grizzly bear and Polar bear

Wholphins- Bottle nose dolphins female and a false killer whale male  

Cama- Dromedary camel male and female llama

Beefalo- Domestic cow female and bull American Bison male

Wolfdog- Gray wolf and a dog (German shepherd, malamute, husky, and ECT…)

This is not a complete list of the world’s different hybrids, but it will get you started in learning more about these amazing creatures. I had no idea that any of these hybrids existed, until someone told me all about the biggest cat in the world…Hercules! This unique cat was called a Liger and I had to find out more about how he was created. During my research, I seen pictures of other unique hybrids that I just had to share with my readers.


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