Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Let's Talk About Shit

By, Alexis A. Walker, Guest Blogger

Everyone has issues in the bathroom at some point. Either it won't come out or it's everywhere! Well, I've got some solutions for you, your kids, and your fur babies to get that shitty situation under control! Aloe, chia, and slippery elm are all great ways to regulate the poo.

I will explain how to use each to give you and your family relief.  Regardless, if you can't make it stop...or you are all dried up.

Aloe: is a natural laxative and taking aloe juice in small amounts can improve motility over the bowels while calming inflammation in the gut. Watch out for aloe juice with the aloe latex in it as that can cause issues if too much is used. Start with ¼ c of aloe juice, raw and organic (or scrape out the inside of a large aloe leaf and blend then drink)

Chia Seeds: are great for keeping you regular and in that happy medium area between can't go and always going. You can make a lemonade with 2-3 tbsp of chia seeds, 8 oz water, a bit of natural cane sugar or honey and some lemon juice.

Let set until the chia gels up and then drink, or drink regular smoothies with 2-3 tbsp chia seeds, some frozen strawberries and a banana and coconut water to add liquid as needed. This will keep you happy and regular as the chia bulks up your poo, while adding moisture. It will clean out your colon and help with weight loss as well.

Slippery Elm: Practitioners have used Ulmus fulva, or slippery elm, as an herbal remedy for thousands of years. Slippery elm contains properties that purportedly help with numerous different ailments including skin conditions, cold symptoms and gastrointestinal upset.

Slippery elm may offer some relief from constipation, making it a popular ingredient in laxative teas. Herbalists commonly use slippery elm as a tea for the treatment of constipation; pouring two cups of boiling water over roughly two tablespoons of powdered bark and steeping for three to five minutes. This should be used sparingly and only for severe constipation.

Dogs: Adding chia in 1-3 tsp to food daily will help keep them regular, you can also give raw pumpkin puree in 2-3 tbsp daily until the digestion is regulated. Slippery elm can also be used in very small amounts 1-2 tsp max.

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