Tuesday, November 27, 2018

My Mentors and Affiliates

I want to introduce you to Lyn Lomasi-Rowell and Richard Rowell from Brand Shamans.They are the greatest people ever! They have impacted my life in so many ways from boosting my ego with kind words about my work. I have become a better author, blogger, and more because they have been so patient and taught me so many things that I needed to learn at a fast rate.

They have helped me when I needed it and shared my work along the way. I am affiliated with them and have been for a few years. I do work for them whenever they have work, plus many other people work with them as well. Lyn and Richard make beautiful jewelry and sells web content and more.

Come check out their business Brand Shamans who can heal your brand. When you buy anything from Lyn or Richard, you are helping a team of affiliates get blessed with work. Thank you, Lyn and Richard for everything. This home business is worth more than a glance and it blesses so many others who need freelance work just like me. Love ya’ll and Kiss my babies!:)

Thanks for reading,

PS: Seriously, stop by and visit their home business.

Brand Shamans

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