Saturday, February 9, 2019

My New Journey

I am chasing my own dreams to wherever they take me. I still have some major health issues to overcome, but I can do it. I am a beast! Honestly, I have changed my life so much in the last year with the help of many people that I admire and adore. 

I am proud of myself for the small things that I have accomplished like changing the way I eat and losing weight. I met great people who pushed me to be better than I already was. I was also bullied and harassed by people who said they love me. However, I found a love so wonderful that even my bad days couldn't erase my smile.

I have surrounded myself with people who make me want to do amazing things with my talent and education. So far, I feel like I gained a new family who wants me in their life. They tell me the truth which helps me grow into a stronger yet more honest woman. 

My new family builds me up, instead tearing me down with judgmental attitudes and words. The ones who live around me actually we don't see each other much, but they know I love them each forever and always. So far, I haven't met some on my closet friends on Facebook yet, but they have helped me in my darkest hours and I love them as family. 

Thank you for from the bottom of my heart. I have secured my own home that is just right for me and my two animals. I have been living on borrowed time for almost 18 years now and I plan to make the rest of my journey as amazing as I can.

Well, have a goodnight and my new family knows that I love you.

Always and forever!


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