Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Need Help With Transportation To Help My Mom

Current Situation 

Mom is on a strict diet and she has to absolutely lose weight or she WILL DIE very soon. She is not a bad person, but she has a "comfort food addiction" and she is diminished mental compacity, as well as being depressed she is because is alone all the time. So, she is very important to me. I WILL be there for her and I will absolutely make this happen. 

Currently, I need to somehow get a ride once a week on (Tues or Thurs) when Cardiac doc is there. I will go hang out with her for most of the day to boost her morale and hopefully get her back. 

I am trying to figure this out. I am SSI recipient, cancer survivor, with health issues of my own. Also, I am starting over again after divorce. I don't want to ask, but I cannot make this happen alone. The bus is way too far from me.  

Uber is about $12.00 one way, during cheap times. So, $24.00 for one day back and forth ride. 
Lyft is few bucks difference. 

Cash App: $crystalska don't use paypal. 

Long Term Goal 

The healthcare team is trying to move her to Heartland right near me, but she requires special care, equipment, and frankly it may not happen. This place loves her and so do I. Honestly, I will be there for her and I will work with her care team. Honestly, ya'll it is not good at all! She may not be here much longer. She is having heart issues. 

She is mom, my sister (my grandparents raised me), and now my child (I have to save her from herself! 
We are forcing her to do this and she is pissed and so depressed 
I can work with anything! Thank you and pray for her. 

She has been placed on oxygen in bed because Shortness of Breath due to the weight. She cannot stand very long and when coming back from activities, she cannot stand or assist the staff. 
She if being lifted using a lift. She has made bad choices, but who cares at this point! She deserves love too and support! 

The person I spent time with was not my mom. I want my mom back! I am barely making it now on my own, so if just help till I figure out how to budget this new expense into my monthly check.  
Please help us to help her. Thank you. 
Once I figure out cost, I will be there more if I have. Not one-person deserves to be alone! 

I need Uber card and I need to get a bus card. I will uber to nearest bus stop and ride bus to mom and I will do same to get home. Which will make it $12 a day instead of $24. 
*****You can send Uber gift cards numbers too... 

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Who Was Luke Perry to Me?

By now, I am sure you heard about Luke Perry’s passing away on Monday 4th, 2019 from a fatal stroke. When I learned of his passing, I was shocked and immediately thought this was a hoax. I mean, I could not wrap my mind around the fact that one my teenage crushes had died. Honestly, Luke Perry was like James Dean to my generation of girls, who were hitting puberty and learning about our sexuality as we got older.

I do not own the copyright.
Mr. Perry was almost every girl’s dream boyfriend, especially during the years that he dominated the screen on the show Beverly Hills, 90210. He played a mysterious yet gorgeous bad guy with a heart named, “Dylan McKay”. I could not get around any group of girls without hearing all about Luke or his character “Dylan’s” weekly love triangle stories.

Every girl wished she was either, “Brenda Walsh” or “Kelly Taylor” from the hit show on Fox that was aimed at teenagers. Personally, I was in love with “Brandon Walsh”, who was the good guy, a twin (like me), and a journalist. However, being the curious person that I am. I proceeded to ask several of my girl friends about their crush. Most spoke about the bad boy character that he played in the hit show.

Others talked about Luke Perry and his kindness, which was written about in teen magazines at the time. I instantly fell in love with the man not the character he played. Especially, after I heard about the random acts kindness that he became known for over the last few decades. Rest in peace, Luke Perry; because you will be missed by a girl who loved everything about you!

Dear Readers,

With Luke Perry dying so suddenly of a stroke at 52 years old, I am asking you to go get screened for a stroke now. Call your Primary Care Physician and know your risk factors today!

Princess CrystalJ

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Need a Special Gift for Someone You Love?

Recently, I was given an idea to sell my “picture poetry” or “memes” that I decided to make from my book of poetry called, Rhymes of the Heart . Once, I had made about five of these pictures, my writing mentor gave me an idea of putting my poetry pictures or memes on different types of products. 

She helped me find, who literally has most every product you may want a poetry picture or memes on. You will be amazed by the different products that are available in the online gift shop like: clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more.  

My poetry is written to provoke your emotions and allow you to feel I felt at the time that I wrote the verses. These poetry pictures make perfect gifts for holidays and special occasions like: birthdays, special occasions, and anniversaries. Keep checking my online gift shop  for more of my picture poetry that I will be adding as I make them. 

I do take special requests! So, if you need a special rhyme created for you, feel free to 
contact me through my Facebook Messenger or my Facebook Page.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and take a minute to look at my online gift shop, Princess Crystal Says (This is my Brand!)

I look forward to hearing from you,

Crystal S. Kauffman