Thursday, May 2, 2019

Letting Go

Written by, Imogen Rayne

Thinking what the hell is wrong with me,
Who is this person that I am beginning to see?
Stressed and depressed almost everyday,
You just continue to push me farther away.

No matter what I say or do to ease your mind, 
I am still the one you leave behind. 
Without you knowing that I shed a tear.
Because your words are harsh when you are near.

Not sure of what I should feel anymore,
I feel your hand is always closing the door.
Are you my safe harbor or another violent groom?
I can't breathe when you walk in the room.

Second guessing myself because of what you say, 
I never wanted to ever again feel this way. 
My story is not over yet and I will not fall, 
For a man who puts himself above it all.

Copyrighted, 2019