Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thank You Beth Chapman!!!

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Last night, I learned that Beth Chapman lost her battle with cancer. My heart and prayers are with her family this morning, as I light a memorial candle for my own guiding light that is gone too soon. She was 51 years old and was a mother to 11 children and 14 loving grandchildren. My prayers are with her family as they mourn.

This beautiful, strong, brave woman inspired me for years. I would like to honor her by continuing to do what is right for me to reach my personal goals. I know she never met me in person, but I wish I could have had a chance to tell her and Duane “Dog” Chapman how they have impacted my life. She was the youngest woman to receive a Bailbonds license at 29. Even after having her own run in with the law, which is where she met Dog Chapman when she was 19.

I know she knows now, because God has told her all about the many people she touched and inspired. Like me, many have  changed their life and are trying to do what is right. I love you Beth Chapman and you will forever remain in my heart as you continue guiding me. Thank you for caring about us, even when we make huge mistakes. You knew everyone could redeem themselves…if they try! 

Rest In God's Peace!

Copyrighted 2019

PS: If You want to leave comments of condolences, please do. Tell me how she inspired you.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Different Song

By, Imogen Rayne

This time without you has made me sad, 
I cannot help but to wonder if I was bad. 
The consequences are to much to bear, 
Now, you are never able to be there.

Changes hurt when you become silent, 
My inner demons are angry and violent. 
Destroying my inner peace as they lead, 
Spreading the damage and a sour seed.

Never thought you would just go away, 
Honestly, I believed you in every way. 
My heart is in many pieces on the floor, 
What did I do to make you shut the door?

Do you hide me because of my past? 
Can you make a love that will truly last? 
Always making feel like I am doing wrong, 
Just because I am singing a different song.

Copyrighted 2019

The Ice Queen

By, Imogen Rayne

You say stuff that cut me so deep, 
So many promises you didn’t keep. 
I grew while you were gone away, 
Remember, little man I don’t play. 

Run your mouth for all to hear, 
For you I do not and will not fear. 
Keep playing with my heart little shit, 
You gonna find one thing; I can take it. 

I’ll show you the true ice queen’s play, 
She not going anywhere; She is here to stay. 
Trying to outsmart me when it comes to love, 
I’ll send your ass packing like a screaming dove. 

Game on; little boy who always screwed up, 
Let’s play, see if you can drink from a loyal cup? 
This ice queen wasn’t born last night, 
Damn if you will destroy me without a fight. 

Keep your head stuck up where it is at, 
Pretend you care and all of that. 
Sorry, not sorry for my attitude against you, 
From today on little bro; I am dead too, 

Copyrighted © 2019

Monday, June 17, 2019

Think About Yourself

By,  Imogen Rayne

So many times, people call you selfish or greedy when you try to look out for yourself. However, the first step to loving yourself is finally learning to think about yourself and your needs above all others. Anyone who is above the age of eighteen can look out for themselves. Everybody wants something from you and before you know it, you are the one who is drained and depressed. Stop giving them the power to hurt you, by making them take responsibility for their own self.

Take time to make yourself happy, by choosing to do what you want to do like: buy a new outfit, go on an outing, or indulge yourself by learning a fun new dance. I mean come on, if they are not children, then why should you give them the power to take away your happiness. Make time to caress your mind and your soul, as well as tickle your funny bone every time you get a chance. You’re not greedy; instead you are setting boundaries and letting people know exactly what you will take from them.

Yeah, you may be the bad guy for the day or week, but you will find a sense of peace once people know that they can no longer use you anymore. Honestly, every time you stand up to a person, you actually love yourself more with each line you draw in the sand. So, lift your voice and say, “NO” as many times as you have to, in order to gain a life that has peace and solitude from the craziness. Learn to love yourself, because no one will ever love you, if you don’t first find reasons to love yourself.

Copyrighted 2019

Friday, June 14, 2019

Momma's Secret

My Momma (c) 2018

By, Crystal S. Kauffman 

Momma’s love destroyed me with her choices, 
She had a hard time blocking out the voices. 
The role models she looked up to were not the best, 
Still wondering what happened to the rest? 

Family curses passed on as we grew, 
Hell…that is the only life I knew! 
Violent tempers lead to a beating, 
Leaving the family was cheating. 

Friends were not worth a shit, 
Take off with a friend; just to get hit. 
Tell the truth and people say, 
Damn girl, don’t speak that way! 

I hated her for all she did to me, 
Until, I became a new mommy. 
I chose to forgive and stop the hate, 
Once I realized that I could finally relate. 

How do I keep my child away from the hell? 
Never could I form the words to tell. 
My family that they were toxic too, 
Love kept me driving through. 

Learning more about momma’s pain, 
Made me understand the huge black stain. 
Learning to love the broken woman she is, 
Will be how I choose to handle all of this. 

Healing her with my love and time, 
Will be how I chose to spend my dime. 
Until she takes her very last breath, 
Then, I will be with her again after my death. 

Understanding her life made me see, 
She was never allowed to be free. 
So, today I thank her for the gift of life, 
My love for her still cuts like a knife. 

Don’t talk about what you don’t know. 
Her life is not a primetime family show, 
She’s a victim of family secrets too. 
Down her and just know I’ll punch you! 

Copyright 2019