Friday, June 14, 2019

Momma's Secret

My Momma (c) 2018

By, Crystal S. Kauffman 

Momma’s love destroyed me with her choices, 
She had a hard time blocking out the voices. 
The role models she looked up to were not the best, 
Still wondering what happened to the rest? 

Family curses passed on as we grew, 
Hell…that is the only life I knew! 
Violent tempers lead to a beating, 
Leaving the family was cheating. 

Friends were not worth a shit, 
Take off with a friend; just to get hit. 
Tell the truth and people say, 
Damn girl, don’t speak that way! 

I hated her for all she did to me, 
Until, I became a new mommy. 
I chose to forgive and stop the hate, 
Once I realized that I could finally relate. 

How do I keep my child away from the hell? 
Never could I form the words to tell. 
My family that they were toxic too, 
Love kept me driving through. 

Learning more about momma’s pain, 
Made me understand the huge black stain. 
Learning to love the broken woman she is, 
Will be how I choose to handle all of this. 

Healing her with my love and time, 
Will be how I chose to spend my dime. 
Until she takes her very last breath, 
Then, I will be with her again after my death. 

Understanding her life made me see, 
She was never allowed to be free. 
So, today I thank her for the gift of life, 
My love for her still cuts like a knife. 

Don’t talk about what you don’t know. 
Her life is not a primetime family show, 
She’s a victim of family secrets too. 
Down her and just know I’ll punch you! 

Copyright 2019 

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