Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thank You Beth Chapman!!!

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Last night, I learned that Beth Chapman lost her battle with cancer. My heart and prayers are with her family this morning, as I light a memorial candle for my own guiding light that is gone too soon. She was 51 years old and was a mother to 11 children and 14 loving grandchildren. My prayers are with her family as they mourn.

This beautiful, strong, brave woman inspired me for years. I would like to honor her by continuing to do what is right for me to reach my personal goals. I know she never met me in person, but I wish I could have had a chance to tell her and Duane “Dog” Chapman how they have impacted my life. She was the youngest woman to receive a Bailbonds license at 29. Even after having her own run in with the law, which is where she met Dog Chapman when she was 19.

I know she knows now, because God has told her all about the many people she touched and inspired. Like me, many have  changed their life and are trying to do what is right. I love you Beth Chapman and you will forever remain in my heart as you continue guiding me. Thank you for caring about us, even when we make huge mistakes. You knew everyone could redeem themselves…if they try! 

Rest In God's Peace!

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PS: If You want to leave comments of condolences, please do. Tell me how she inspired you.

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