Friday, August 2, 2019

Arabella’s Bath Time Mess

By, “Aunt” Crystal S. Kauffman

Arabella had a really long day at the dance recital, where she practiced a new ballet routine. She was excited about the new dance that she had learned and she could not wait to go home. Arabella came running through the door and her daddy was lounging in his favorite chair. She began showing him the new routine, which she has worked on really hard to learn today. 

Her proud daddy watched with joy in his heart as tears swelled up in his eyes. She spun around ever so gracefully, while her mom and dad cheered her on. Her routine was a little clumsy and she giggled with each misstep. Arabella has grown up so much, since she began her new dance classes.

She has begun learning to express herself through words, however she is almost four years old. Unfortunately, she is so hyperactive that her mom encourages her to focus on practicing her weekly dance routines. Her mother, Erin, decided to run a shallow bubble bath for Arabella who was gathering up her toys. 

She grabbed her favorite bath time toys which are: her dog, her cat, her turtle, and her dolphin. She quickly undressed and got into the tub and played with the soft pink bubbles. Arabella played with her toys, while her mom was making a phone call to check on one of her patients.. 

Arabella began making a mess with the water and throwing her toys out of the bath tub. She had used sign language to say “All Done”, but her mom didn’t notice the motion of her hands. So, she climbed out of the tub all soaking wet and ran straight to her bedroom. Arabella left a trail of bubbles and wet footprints all throughout the house.

She tried to dress herself, but she only got the dress over her head. She ran to her daddy, Chris, who dried her off and helped her get dressed. She grabbed the towel and began trying to help her mommy clean up the mess she made. Arabella was singing the “Clean up” song. 

She decided to sit on her daddy’s lap with her favorite blanket, while drinking water from her sippy cup. Her daddy said, “Thank you for helping mommy clean up your bath time mess.”

She smiled and snuggled up against her daddy and her eyes began closing for the night. Arabella had a busy day, but she will have a peaceful night       

Goodnight Arabella!

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