Thursday, October 17, 2019

Creating a Plan for Aging Loved Ones

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By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Families should be the first choice in caring for an aging loved one, since the loved one will recuperate better in familiar surroundings. The entire family should be given a voice, on whether he or she will become a full-time caregiver. However, a reality is that some families are unable or unfit, so the hospital would be the proper choice in these circumstances. If a family is willing to care for their loved one, the aging member actually benefits for the closeness of the family unit.

Create a Plan

First, the entire family should discuss their aging loved ones health care and make a plan, which can be instituted once it is needed. One family member may become the fulltime caregiver, while other family members come by and help as needed. This will give the fulltime caregiver a break, as well as peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe while they run errands. The entire family will transition into their new roles, by discussing and creating the plan before the emergency.

Thinking about Pets

Most aging loved ones have pets, which cannot be brought to the nursing home with him or her. Instead, he or she can keep the beloved pet at home or even at a relative’s home, instead of having to give away another piece of his or her life. Sometimes, the relative may have a pet that he or she can become attached to as well. Fortunately, pets can help keep him or her from becoming depressed with the new circumstances that they are faced with.
Teenagers and Small Children

Be sure to let teenagers and small children help out in different ways like reading a book to singing with their loved one. In addition, the child can take him or her for a walk or help clean up the room as needed. Children are usually welcomed by the aging loved one, since children can make them laugh and give them someone to chat with. Sometimes, they may not be in the mood to deal with a small child, so families should judge her or her mood first. 

Choosing a Nursing Home

Not all families can provide around-the-clock care for an aging loved one and this may put the loved ones life at risk. Unfortunately, there are also family members who are unfit to care for an aging loved one. In these situations, the family will need to find a good nursing home that will care for his or her aging loved one in the proper way. They should investigate and ask other patients about the facility or its nurses, as well as visit often to detour any possible abuse.


In conclusion, a family should be given the option of caring for their aging loved one, before a nursing home is consulted. The entire family should develop a plan before their loved one gets ill, in order to take the stress out of this transition and role reversal. Additionally, Pets and children can help an aging loved one, by keeping them from getting depressed and by also keeping them moving. However, if a nursing home is chosen, the family should make sure it is an abuse-free facility by investigating it before their loved one moves in the home.   

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Help Bring Miss Sadie Home

Jacksonville, Florida Area (Westside) 


Our shop doggy has gotten loose! She was able to escape our backyard on Cassat Ave. (not to from our shop) 

We want our furbaby to come home immediately. She is microchipped and could haves traveled pretty far by now or has become friendly with another family. She has distinctive eyes and is I have added pictures to Identify her. 

We are offering a $500 reward to whoever will bring Miss Sadie home safe to us! She is not just a dog, because she means everything to me. My family, the staff, our customers and many more are missing this sweet girl. 

Please share and help us bring her home.

Please call or text (904) 651-3310

Thank you for reading and helping us in our search for Miss Sadie.

What Does “Princess Crystal Says” Mean?

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

After I became a Christian, I adopted the name “God’s Imperfect Princess” and I used that name for my very first blog. I loved writing and sharing my work that I posted on other networks that I wrote for over the years. About six years ago, I chose “Princess Crystal Says” as my official brand for my blogging content and writing career. 

I hope you will continue to stop by and let me know how I am doing, because I love reading my comments. I am currently writing a novel in the fantasy genre, but I enjoy blogging and building websites/blogs daily for myself and clients. I love knowing that I am a princess waiting to be in God’s kingdom one day, but I don’t push my beliefs on others. I love animals and kids, but mostly I work a lot on my blogs or on my novels.

I look forward to meeting new people and helping them create their websites or blogs, as well as completing any writing project that is needed. I do believe that I write about things that most people will enjoy, but I consider my blog as a lifestyle blog. I post poetry, my thoughts, my support group information, maybe an article or two, as well as pictures that may be of interest to others. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog and enjoy the posts that you have selected to read. Please stop by my “Princess Crystal Says” blog and let me know how I am doing there as well.