Monday, November 4, 2019

Carved into an Emotional Stone...

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Don’t trust anyone with what you truly feel,
Even when you believe that they are real.
Remember to never let him see you cry,
Hold your composure; get up girl and just try.

Padlocked heart that has grown so damn cold,
Missing any part of him has just become old.
No matter what, don’t stop moving or he might see,
The emotional storm that is swirling inside or me.

Listen girl, you just need to straighten up and smile, 
You won’t die, just because he eliminated his mile.
Let him see the emotional stone that he is carving,
Because now your entire body is completely starving.

Lacking the emotional touch that you never knew,
Can anything he promised be really true?
Empty heart syndrome is what you are feeling tonight,
Shape up girl, because you know what is right.

Keep everyone at arm's length and bury the key,
Don’t ever break your silence girl or bend the knee.
Let the demons give chase from time to time,
Never feeling emotions is what caused this rhyme.

Repeating on a loop in my head as the music plays,
A gentle voice reminds me to forget what he says.
Watch his actions and tune in to his energy to know.
The truth in the feelings that he continues not to show.

Hearing that sweet voice getting louder inside my head,
“Stop girl, just walk away, because he is emotionally dead.”
Time cannot heal, what I never had a hand in breaking,
It is not my job or place to just allow someone to keep taking.

Stolen moments is all I will ever really be able to get.
Love with truth behind it, is something I can forget.
The voice is screaming, “Did I raise you to even care?”
Walking away from the pitiful occasional glare.

Copyright 2019


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