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I have had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Nolan and she has helped me to secure legit work at home jobs. She is willing to help anyone to achieve their goals of working at home. Her book will help you on your journey, as well as her one on one coaching through her support group. Give her a chance and you wont be sorry!


I am an Empath…Are you?

Have you ever been around someone and you instantly feel your own breath being vaporized out of your body as they move closer? You feel as if the oxygen has been vaporized with the snap of a finger and your left off balance and dizzy. Suddenly, you are hit with a painful wave of emotions that gives you an instant migraine or a stomach ache. You cannot describe what is happening to you, let alone speak at the moment while you are still trying to catch your breath.

This person’s searing pain becomes overwhelming to each of your senses with each step they make toward you. Unfortunately, you know at any minute you are going to suffocate under the weight of the person’s emotional pain. Instantly, you reach out to touch someone different to connect with, rather than use an excuse to leave the room. Do you ever feel emotions or rage that you know is not yours, but your mood switches like someone flipping a light switch?

Have you ever made a instant connection with someone that is so powerful that they literally erased all former connections that you may have had before that actual encounter? Sometimes, people don’t notice a person’s body language and non-verbal cues, but that is what you notice more than anything else about a person.  Do you find that even the connections you make each day at the grocery store or doctor’s office, can drain you or empower you in an instant?

Do you prefer to isolate yourself to keep these emotional waves from crashing inside your body and mind? Most days, just being able to focus is hard when you feel everyone’s else’s joy and pain, so you have learned to set boundaries with people in your life about just dropping by. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get any better, but you can learn to control it...once you accept the truth. You were fearfully and wonderfully made completely different by an all-knowing creator, who absolutely made you absolutely perfect as an Empath!

(c) 2018, Crystal S. Kauffman

Admiring the View

Image (c) 2018, Crystal S. Kauffman

The evil was suffocating me,
Climbing higher just to breathe,
My blessings were starting to rise,
I always kept my eyes on the prize.

Hit a couple snags along the way,
Never did I give my secrets away.
Handled each gut punching blow,
Many people judged my show.

I shook off the betrayal and pain,
Changing my view was my aim.
Doing what it takes is what I did,
All while keeping my sadness hid.

Took any job that I could complete,
Goals and tasks were all I tried to meet.
It was time to spread my broken wings,
Now, I took time to learn many new things.

Took a chance and finally started to fly,
Now, I am riding on a new kind of high.
Admiring the view from my new nest,
I know that I tried and only did my best.

© 2018, Crystal S. Kauffman


My Mentors and Affiliates

I want to introduce you to Lyn Lomasi-Rowell and Richard Rowell from Brand Shamans.They are the greatest people ever! They have impacted my life in so many ways from boosting my ego with kind words about my work. I have become a better author, blogger, and more because they have been so patient and taught me so many things that I needed to learn at a fast rate.

They have helped me when I needed it and shared my work along the way. I am affiliated with them and have been for a few years. I do work for them whenever they have work, plus many other people work with them as well. Lyn and Richard make beautiful jewelry and sells web content and more.

Come check out their business Brand Shamans who can heal your brand. When you buy anything from Lyn or Richard, you are helping a team of affiliates get blessed with work. Thank you, Lyn and Richard for everything. This home business is worth more than a glance and it blesses so many others who need freelance work just like me. Love ya’ll and Kiss my babies!:)

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PS: Seriously, stop by and visit their home business.

Brand Shamans

Pet Sitting Can Help Supplement Your Income

Image (c) 2018, Crystal  S. Kauffman

Have you ever thought about pet sitting on the side to help pay the bills? I have done this for months to help pay my bills as needed. Check in to and FB MarketPlace to land an overnight gig or even longer. You get to love a dog while it is in your care and make a little cash too. I have used every resource I can to find pet sitting jobs.

You can watch them at their house or yours. You can keep them over night or during the day. It is hard at first, but once you establish a set routine, the pups and kitties respond well! You set your own hours and pay. People will think your crazy!

If you know of some good pet sitting apps, please share!

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Finally I'm Entering My Writing World

It took me two years, to revisit my writing world that I created, so long ago before I stumbled and fell. However, I have finally entered my writing world and have rode my dragons, while trying to save the kingdom from the Dark Lord. I missed my writing and I choose not to give it up again. Have you ever given up something you loved, due to the storms of life? Did you get it back or let go?

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Feel Like A Royal

Feel Like A Royal
Do you need assistance with articles, web content, press releases, fliers, or other communications? If so, I can help. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing my credentials. Writing samples and references provided upon request. Contact me at on Facebook.