Sunday, August 3, 2008

Viola Luzzio: The Unknown Martyr

If you look in a history book, you will never find the name Viola Liuzzo who is a martyr for civil rights. However, in 1965, she became an unknown martyr in the hearts of many civil rights activists. She was shot by self-proclaimed KKK members in Selma, Mississippi, during a civil rights march on March 25, 1965. Now, there a memorial on the spot that she died, yet no one mentions her name in the history books. According to Mr. Simkin (1997), she was 36 year old mother of five kids, who wanted to...-(Read more)

PS (Photo's courteous of Unitarian Universalist Historical Society (UUHS) 1999-2008)


airJackie said...

I remember in 1965 of Viola's death. I was a teenager but I remember and I've always added her in my prayers of thanks. It is sad that African Americans today don't speak out about all people who worked to get the Civil Rights Bill passed. As Dr. King said it was for all people and all worked together for equal rights to all. Viola would be proud of Hillary and how from Shirley Chisholm to Hillary we have grown. Viola is an American hero as much as Dr. King and John Kennedy. To her family I say thank you and I know God has blessed her as she stood up and died for those today and the future. Let's hope Senator Obama learns of Viola and others who made it possible for him and Hillary to get to the positions they are in today.

Donald Camp said...

I am an African-American man and I remember Viola Luzzio. I've always thanked her and have always included her in my prayers of thanks and gratitude. The Civil Rights movement was a movement that made not just America but the world a better place to live.